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New Aces Through Newspaper by Mark Leveridge, R.A.R. Magic

(c. 1979)
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Everyone must surely have seen or at least be familiar with the classic effect in which Aces, placed one at a time beneath a sheet of newspaper, penetrate upwards through the paper to collect beneath a cover. I remember reading about the effect first in Bruce Elliot’s wonderful book Classic Secrets of Magic (Chapter 8 – Two Covers and Four Objects).

This routine eliminates most of the tricky moves but it still takes practice to do it smoothly, but it is no where near as tricky as you might imagine.  Having the special leather covers puts you way ahead and if you wanted to perform this classic, this would be the set to use.

Effect: A piece of magazine paper or newspaper is laid out and four Aces positioned at its four corners, Two blank postcards, both only slightly larger than the cards, are shown and are used to cover two of the Aces. One at a time the Aces are taken and slipped under the paper below the AS. and somehow each of the Aces penetrates through the paper and appears with the AS beneath its postcard cover. The last Ace. however, proves to be a slight problem, until suddenly it is the other three Aces which disappear and penetrate back down through the paper to collect all together underneath.

Mark Leveridge has devised a routine using a sheet of paper, the Aces and two leather drink coaster mats as covers, which is easy to perform, has no angle problems at all and which provides a totally new and unexpected ending. The secret lies in the special leather mats provided, created to perfection by the leather craftsman Roy Roth, and in the much improved routine. In short, New Aces Through Newspaper up-dates a classic trick so that it can be performed under modern, demanding conditions.

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