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Black Box Mystery by Magic Wagon

(c. 2008)
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I’ve always been a fan of the John Kennedy’s Mystery Box – over the years I’ve owned nearly all the variations from John and others too. So when this item came along from those great guys at Magic Wagon I was keen to see it.

Firstly, it is made in their popular piano finish high gloss style and looks amazing. The gimmick is totally different from the Mystery Box and indeed anything else of this genre that was available in 2008 (though since then some other boxes started using the same method).

The big benefit to this item over the Kennedy Box is that it can be shown empty when you first put it down on the table. The downside is that the box cannot be examined as closely without a switch. It does come with a duplicate box to switch out if required – although I don’t think it is necessary most of the time. The move that you make is different to the move that is needed with the Kennedy box and it is personal preference which is easier.

The instructions also detail a fabulous Coin thru Box routine that is easy and very convincing. For the  video I devised a multi-phase routine based on this routine and using a Coin Unique and some other coins.  It uses no sleights and allows you to end 100% clean if you want with the box being switched out cleanly during the routine.

The unit is certainly more versatile than the Mystery Box, is priced very well, and looks amazing. This is certainly another winner from Magic Wagon!


  • The Black Box Mystery gimmicked box
  • The Black Box Mystery non-gimmicked box
  • Deck of Bicycle cards (bonus)
  • Half dollar/Old English Penny Magnetic Coin Unique (bonus)
  • Old English Penny (bonus)
  • Chinese Coin (bonus)

Effect: The performer displays a small wooden box with a lid on top. He then opens the lid, shows the box entirely empty, and clearly places a prediction (a folded card) inside. The lid is replaced and the box is set in full view on the table. A card is then freely chosen, signed and returned to the deck by a spectator. The performer now offers to find the chosen card without even looking at the cards. After a few failed attempts, he absolutely hopes that at least his prediction is somehow correct. The performer then points to a wooden box that has been in plain sight all along and lifts the lid to clearly show a folded card that was previously put inside. A folded card is now removed by the spectator. Once unfolded, the spectator is amazed to find that the prediction not only matches her freely chosen card but also has her signature that she just signed a moment ago!

  • The spectator has an absolutely free choice of any card!
  • The prediction can be removed by the spectator!
  • The box remains in full view the entire time!
  • The prediction was indeed placed inside the box before the card was ever even signed!

This exquisite little box can be used with a bank note, a piece of paper or a borrowed & signed coin, etc. There are many routines and variations are possible!

Finished in the finest possible coating with hand polishing and sanding in between.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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