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Boxed Queen Mystery by Arlen Studio

(c. 2002)
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I always felt this was an amazing mirror box with a clever way of dumping the evidence and making it 100%  clean,  but the routine it was shipped with was not fully fleshed out.  So I spent sometime and added a few simple items to come up with this routine below which I think does a little more justice to the prop.

I have included:

  • The Original Box and Gimmick
  • A large 36″ Silk King Studio silk with a Full house beautifully printed on it (a $59 value)
  • A Plastic stand
  • Some spring flowers
  • A deck of cards

Effect: An empty wooden box is shown to the spectator. Both the lid in the front and the lid on the top are opened to reveal an empty black chamber. The lids are closed. With a magical pass of his hand, the Magi opens the top of the box and removes deck of playing cards from the empty box. The box is shown empty once again. The lids are closed and the deck is shuffled and your spectator is asked to select a card. The card is lost back in the deck and the spectator may shuffle the cards. Another magical pass is made over the cards.

The Magi starts turning the cards over face up one at a time. “Tell me when I get to your card”, he says. The selected card never turns up until the whole deck is spread out but their card is missing.  The Magician says never mind inside the box I have a special silk with your card on it … a silk is pulled out with the King of Spades on it.  But it was not their card.  Then you open up the silk more and four other court cards are shown (all so close to the actual chosen Queen of Hearts) but their card still cannot be found.

The magician is starting to get frustrated now … and shows the box empty again then closes it up and waves the silk over it and this time he pulls out a plastic stand and wonders what it could be for, so he looks in again and pulls out a large card – this time it is the chosen card and he places it on the stand.

He puts the box down someone suspiciously and hears someone ask “Can we see inside the box?”.  The magician says there is nothing in there, well except for these flowers and a bunch of spring flowers fall out covering the table and the box can now be shown 100% clean and even handing out for examination should you feel it is necessary.

The box may also be used as a production piece. The load chamber will hold a large quantity of silks and ribbon. Boxed Queen Mystery is hand crafted from Italian Poplar and finished in ebony. The side graphics are done in gold foil and covered by durable clear vinyl. All fixtures are brass. The inside of the box is matte black. The box is 6 1/2″ X 11″ X 5 1/2″ deep. It has a top and a front lid so as to easily show the empty box. The gimmick fits snugly enough so as to be camouflaged yet it is loose enough to make retrieval of the large Queen an easy process. The large Queen card is 6 3/4″ X 9 1/2″. You can get quite a bit in the box.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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