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Brass Drum-Head Tube by Terry Roses

(c. 1904,1987)
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This is another beautiful brass item from the craftsman Terry Roses. And as with Terry’s other brass collectible line it comes in a beautiful inlaid oak carrying case.  I think we’ve all seen these types of device in Professor Hoffmann, however I’m not sure how many of us have actually used one.  It really is a wonderful effect and there is nothing finer than Terry’s version.

What is particularly neat about Terry’s version is you get to use the beautiful oak presentation case and it makes the routine basically automatic.  It certainly takes the heat off the presentation which is always nice 🙂


Effect: A brass tube, two pieces of tissue and two brass circles are handed to the spectator for examination – they are ungimmicked and clearly empty. Each piece of tissue is attached to an end of the tube to form a drum head and effectively sealing the tube shut. If desired the spectator can do this for you (though I wouldn’t recommend it as it would slow the flow of the routine).

The tube is placed inside the presentation box and the covered with the lid.  A small brass close-up wand is waved over the box and the lid is removed.  The tube is removed and both ends are seen to still be intact with the tissue, and so it appears the magician has failed.  But he takes the end of the wand and pierces the tissue at one end of the tube.  The magician then proceeds to remove a long colorful ribbon and ends with some special lucky gold Chinese coins.

Alternatively, you could vanish a silk and the silk could reappear inside the tube (use your own silks and vanish).

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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