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Brass Prediction Box by Terry Roses

(c. 1982)
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This is another beautiful brass item from the craftsman Terry Roses.  And as with Terry’s other brass collectible line it comes in a beautiful inlaid oak carrying case too.  Identifying this item was a little trickier as it has been misnamed in every ad and website, I have seen it, including where I purchased it from. 

From the outside it looks almost exactly like Terry’s Brass Plug-Box and in fact in the Stevens Magic advert it is even called a plug-box.  But the second you remove the lid and see how it functions it is certainly not a plug-box.  Plug-boxes can be used to vanish, appear or exchange coins and thin items.  This is designed for much larger items over an inch square and has no exchange capability.

The next most popular identification is that this is a Devil’s Bank or Devil’s Coin Box first created by Carl Brema c. 1926 used for vanishing a coin.  This box can certainly vanish a coin.  However, it is missing two features of the Devil’s Bank: a slot in the top and a rattle feature (as added by George Robinson at Viking Mfg.) when the coin has been stolen away.  These are key components of the Devil’s Bank.  In particular, without the slot in the top the load chamber is over an inch square which makes it a little unwieldy to hide when first displaying.  Particularly as you must start by unscrewing the lid. 

Which leads to the most likely purpose of this box …

The final identification of Brass Prediction Box I decided upon is derived from half of the name used by Stevens Magic in their advert for this item c. 1987.  In that ad it is called: “Ultimate Prediction Bottle (Plug Box)“.  Well they have the prediction part right because this is perfectly designed for the secret insertion of a prediction, signed coin, any small object or billet around one inch square. In fact, it could be used as a small Lippincott Box or a (very) small watch or ring box.

My routine is below and it is devised to maximize the features of this box.


  • Brass Prediction Box.
  • Inlaid Oak Carrying Case.
  • All necessary colored cubes which are silent for loading.
  • Printed instructions and useful device to load the cubes.
  • Use your own coins, rings, felt bags if you decide to take that approach.

Effect: Eight colored cubes are placed in front of the spectators and two cubes are chosen.  There is absolutely no force, and they can choose the same colors or different colors. If there was just one spectator, you could ask them to choose one or two cubes.

Once the spectators have chosen their colors the performer introduces a small but ornate brass box and hands it to the spectator.  This is done without hesitation and the spectator examines the box.  It is clearly closed, and the lid is screwed on tightly.  The spectator is asked to unscrew the lid which takes multiple turns.  Once they have removed the lid the color of the first cube can be seen – it matches the first spectator’s cube.  This is tipped out and a second cube falls out too – perfectly matching the second cube chosen.

Everything can be examined and there is no clue as to how the performed knew what colors they would choose.  The effect has a different outcome each time.

This clever utility box can also be used for the appearance of any small object around one inch square.  It is best suited for softer items that are quiet but can be used for signed coins and rings if desired. Though the use of a small felt bag is recommended in these cases.


(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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