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Canada Dry Passe Passe Bottles by Richard Himber

(c. 1947)
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Wow what a stunning set of Passe Passe bottles and these are in immaculate condition.

When these were first released Richard Himber had multiple versions of Canada Dry effects, including: 

  • Canada Dry Vanish,
  • a Shrinking Bottles effect,
  • a Diminishing Bottles effect and,
  • a Passe Passe Bottles effect,

and they were often mixed and matched.  This is basically the Passe Passe set – it comes in the original red box but comes with no instructions. 

Because the bottles nest you could of course use it to vanish or appear a bottle.  As far as I can understand it Richard Himber paid a fortune for the moulds ($1,250 in 1947, about $15,000 today) and wanted to get as much out of his investment as possible.

The other nice thing about this set is that all tubes, bottles and glasses all nest into one small package.

Please notice this is the Passe Passe set and it includes:

  • Two beautiful nesting spun aluminum tubes
  • Two amazingly authentic, seamless, nesting Canada Dry Bottles (one bottle has a small load chamber to pour into the glass)
  • Two small glasses
  • No routine included.

Also notice the second glass has a small hole drilled in the bottom, which clearly is by design but I am not sure exactly why.  If you wanted to fill both glasses you could put a piece of sellotape or magician’s wax over the hole.

Effect: You show a glass and a bottle, and can actually fill the glass with liquid from the bottle, then cover the glass and bottle with separate aluminum cylinders. When you lift the cylinders, the bottle and glass have changed places. You can repeat this for as many times as you want.

(Notice: This does not come with any instructions.)

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