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Card Dice (Jumbo) (Kartenwürfel) by Vienna Magic, Wolfgang Grosskopf

(c. 1980,2002)
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This is a wonderful double effect from Vienna Magic and the inventive mind of Wolfgang Grosskopf.   It has been tricky to pinpoint an exact date when Wolfgang invented the idea. I was able to track down references to Kartenwürfel as early as 1957, and Wolfgang was most active from 1970-2000.  My best guess is Wolfgang had the idea c. 1980, and it was later built by Vienna Magic and released by Eckhard Boettcher c. 2002. This version is with Jumbo cards and an elegant wooden packing case to store them. (If you have more accurate dates please contact me.)

The effect requires two cards to be forced and a simple move which is certainly not big enough to call a sleight, plus you have the full cover of the hanky to do it under. After a few tries you’ll have the workings of this down pat, and then of course you’ll just need to focus on your overall presentation.

One of the things I like about this version is one end of the packing case has black felt which is perfect to place the case on its side and slide out the dice, due to the size of the jumbo dice it is easier to slide them all out together and by turning the box on the black felt, this is made much easier.  It seems like a small point but taking out the dice any other way is not as smooth, and this method also ensures you take the dice out in the correct direction.

This is a great version and a fun and unusual effect that you will get a lot of fun out of.


  • Six jumbo Card Dice
  • Packing case to store the Dice
  • Handkerchief
  • Deck of cards and special final revelation card

Effect: you show six card dice on all sides and assemble them into a card shape. The card showing on both sides is all mixed up of course and you cover the whole stack with a hanky.

A spectator chooses a card (forced) and the hanky is lifted and the card dice have transformed into their chosen card!

The magician offers to perform it again but this time they choose a card and don’t look at it. The magician then reveals the card dice again and amid giggles from the audience he notices that instead of being a complete card it is a jumbled up mess.

But never mind because when the spectator turns their card over it too is a jumbled up mess.


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