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Card Through Cork (Cork Penetration) by Eddy Taytelbaum

(c. 1967)
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Eddy Taytelbaum has no equal and inspired the mini-magic line that Alan Warner took on as the next generation with splendid results. Eddy invented this effect and like many of his creations, including his amazing Mummy, it is the gold standard.  It is hard to always tell by photos alone, but with every single Taytelbaum effect I have owned they always work so smoothly.  This particularly effect is no different.

I have seen others copy this effect, but there is clearly NO comparison to the original. The slide is so elegant as only Eddy can handcraft. It’s all wood with a beautifully applied dark green paint and his signature gold striping on the edges. The paint job is so smooth I can only think of Milson-Worth as the only other builder with such excellent results. It is hinged so it can be opened to expel any suspicions (the slide is ungimmicked). A brass hinge at one end keeps the slide locked closed.

Effect: A frame is presented with a round hole and a card with a matching hole. Place the card inside the frame with the ends sticking out either side of the frame, and entrap it with a snug fitting cork. The card is clearly locked into the frame by the cork. Then with a wave the magician pulls out the card from the frame leaving the cork still inside the frame and the card totally unharmed. The perfect penetration! The card and frame can be examined as they are ungimmicked and the cork can be switched if a full examination is required. Under normal usage the cork appears fair, but if a thorough examination is needed it will need to be switched.

Here is a wonderful presentation for this effect from Ed Dunhill:

“Have you ever seen a vampire? Well this is a vampire.” (Show card with hole.) “What do you mean, it looks like a playing card? You have no romance in your soul. Take my word for it – lt’s a vampire”.

“In a certain village in the old country, this vampire was doing nasty things to people with a paper-punch and two straws on the side of the neck – the villagers decided they must kill him, they knew they could only kill him by driving a stake through his heart. They were very poor and couldn’t even afford a pork chop, much less a stake.”

“They did have a cork though so they bored a hole through his heart, put him in his coffin, use your imagination”. (Put card in wood holder.) “Do you believe this? Stop looking at me as though I’ve lost my mind , and, to make sure he didn’t escape, they put the cork through and left one of the villagers to guard the coffin through the night. You’re the guard (pointing to the spectator).

“It was a very dark and dismal night and very quiet” (lower voice). “The guard was afraid of the silence. There was hardly a sound except the soft pounding of his terrified heart. Then, from nowhere, a cry was heard …

“When the villagers returned in the morning they found the vampire missing”. (Instruct the spectator to pull the card from the holder.) “And the only thing they found was the coffin and the cork.”

Text Source: Ed Dunhill (Magicgram Vol. 17, # 1, pg 48, Sept. 1984)

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