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P&L Cherchez La Femme (Find the Lady) by Petrie-Lewis, Al Baker

(c. 1932)
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This wonderful effect was invented by Al Baker c. 1932 using a simple but extremely effective method. P&L were the first company to manufacture a version of Mr. Baker’s effect and it remained the gold standard for decades afterwards. The method was first described in Greater Magic c. 1938 (pg. 512). and it is also discussed in Dr. Albo Vol. 3.

The method has been used in many other card effects over the years and a few of them can be seen here.

Two of the good features in this P&L version are the stand is easy to swivel around so that the audience can choose the queen without any fumbling and the backs of the gimmicks are cleverly painted to blend in to the stand.

Effect: Cherchez La Femme is considered by magicians who have it to be one of the most baffling card effects that has been created.

A Queen and Two Jacks are removed from a deck of cards. A Jack is placed in each end houlette and the Queen in the center. The Easel is turned around slowly showing back and front, in as much as there is a large hole punched through the houlettes the cards can be seen in their respective positions at all times.

You now ask your audience to locate the Queen. This they will find is impossible, as when they think it is in the center it will be in one of the end houlettes, and when they select an end houlette they will find it is in the center.

The Cards can be taken out and passed for examination at any time. This Effect may be repeated over and over but it will not assist your spectators to discover the secret. It is entirely different than any similar effect ever placed on the market.

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