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Chinese Sting by Eddie Gibson

(c. 1996)
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This is a wonderful item from Eddie Gibson that is easy to do and easy to understand for the audience.  The method is similar to some of Per Clausen chip effects but none of them have quite the same routine.

(Notice: use your own bills!)

Effect: You ask your audience how they would like a gamble which they cannot possibly lose. You show six Chinese brass discs, each with a colored disc set in the recess on the reverse side. There are three pairs of colors, say two red, two green and two yellow. One of each of the pairs of discs is turned over (dragon side up). These three discs are shuffled around by your audience, so that no one could possibly know which of the discs is a match for the face-up colours.

You now explain the gamble: and as you do so you place three bills behind the face-up colors.

The audience win if they now choose a disc which DOES NOT match up with the face-up colors, in other words they win on a MISMATCH. You ask them to make their first choice. As each choice is made you place the selected disc (color side down) on top of the face-up colors, as your audience directs. They have a perfectly free choice as to which disc is placed on to which color.

After explaining that the odds of winning are greatly in favor of the audience, YOU TURN OVER THE THREE TOP DISCS AND IT IS SEEN THAT ALL COLORS MATCH, and needless to say the audience DO NOT win.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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