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Circus Wagon by Milson-Worth

(c. 1979)
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What a dream prop this is from Milson-Worth.  It looks stunning and unlike many similar props you can clearly see all the way through to the back, and the wagon looks the same from front and back and every part of the design is perfect – even the wheels move.

I’d be the first to admit that you’d never catch me placing any sort of livestock in this device – there really is not a lot of room for doves or otherwise – but it is perfect for these large metallic spring flowers.

The challenge I found was blowing up the balloon big enough so that it would pop but not so big that I could not fit it into the cage.  Luckily I came up with the perfect solution using a Tiny Pump from Amazon that not only solved this problem, but created a fun and interesting routine in the bargain.


  • Circus Wagon
  • Tiny Pump to blow up the balloon (bonus item $28 retail)
  • Large bundle of Metallic Spring Flowers (bonus $20 retail)
  • Generous supply of balloons (bonus)
  • Small custom pick for resetting the unit (bonus)

Effect: The performer introduces a beautiful Circus Wagon and shows it all around and lifts the top to show clearly inside, it is empty.  He then introduces a small automatic balloon pump that the magician explains has been specially designed to automatically turn off just when the balloon is just the right size for the cage.

He proudly places the balloon into the cage (with the pump dangling from the rear) and the fun begins!  The balloon begins to blow up just fine but after a few seconds pass the balloon keeps growing.  The lid of the cage starts to lift and the balloon starts to push up against the bars. 

The magician looks very worried and starts playing with the pump.  But nothing stops the pump!  It keeps going.  The performer becomes more and more anxious until finally the balloon bursts and magically in its place are some beautiful colored flowers completely filling the cage.  The magician finally manages to shut off the pump and takes his bow 🙂

Original Description: This beautiful prop is without doubt the most exciting dove appear ever made! The see-through cage (polished gold bars front and back) is shown to be completely empty. An inflated balloon is placed in the cage in full view of the audience. At the magi’s command the balloon bursts to reveal a live dove in the previously empty cage.

The Milson/Worth Circus Wagon is richly detailed to an extent seldom found in magical apparatus. For example, the wheels and carved wooden scroll trim are solid and three-dimensional – not merely painted on. Decoration includes a rich, red lacquer finish embellished with gilded scrolls and highlighted with multi- faceted topaz jewels.

Importantly, both sides of the wagon are trimmed in identical fashion, providing visual appeal from any angle.

In short ,we have captured all the excitement and glitter of the big top in an easily performed, mechanically perfect magical effect .


(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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