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Classic Brass Coin Divination Casket by Airship Magic

(c. 1947,2016)
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Out of stock


Since 2016, Mad Jake Jr. and his brother Frederick have been growing their company Airship Magic into a successful magic manufacturing and distribution company.  Jake focuses mainly on the metal and coin work and Frederick on the wood work and turning.  They also collaborate with smaller, and often unknown, craftsmen to bring a unique line of magic that you rarely find elsewhere in the industry.  Their commitment to quality and innovation is high and I’ve been very happy with the products I have purchased from them directly and through Stevens Magic. Just browsing through their website you will find all sorts of cool items that you won’t find elsewhere.

This is the first classic effect that Airship Magic released and to date they have sold almost 6000 units world wide. It is a remake of an effect released by Abbott’s c. 1947 called Sixth Sense and built for Abbott’s by A&B Magic (Alexander Great).  This version by Airship Magic is better quality than the Abbott’s version and completely made here in the USA 🙂

This is really quite amazing how it works – it is like real magic.  John M. Talbot has a wonderful routine called Press The Flesh that really takes the basic effect to the next level.  This is one of those beauties you’ll keep around for years.  (I have three sets lying around here somewhere!)

Effect: A performer produces a brass coin box, wafer thin and a 1/2 dollar Kennedy coin. The performer requests that a random spectator open the box, and place the Kennedy half dollar into the box either heads up or tails up while the performer’s back is turned. After the spectator has placed the coin in the casket and replaced the lid, the performer is asked to turn back around.

The performer is then given back the box and before the spectator can fully return the box to the spectator, it is instantly revealed which side of the coin is facing, upon removing the lid, the performers prediction is correct. This can be repeated as many times as you like.

There are no stooges, threads, magnets, external indications or peeking or switching.

Includes is 1 Precision Turned Brass Coin Casket, Regular Kennedy Half dollar, velvet bag for storage and routine instructions.

These are in limited production due to time to machine them. Please Note, we do all our own manufacturing here in our shops and everything is made in the USA.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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