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Dead Zone Pro by Andy Nyman, Alakazam Magic, Taylor Imagineering

(c. 2007)
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This is an wonderful routine created by Andy Nyman, released by Alakazam Magic and built by Taylor Imagineering.  In fact, this was the first multi-transmitter effect created by Christopher Taylor c. 2007. For it’s time it was an amazing item for sure.  But since there has been a lot of changes to electronic items in the last 15 years I recently contacted Christopher to have him update all the electronics so that it now uses his newest digital readout and vibrating transmitters.  The effect is now more reliable than ever.

The electronics work flawlessly every time (as you’ve come to expect from anything that Christopher Taylor creates) and make it a total breeze to perform. The routine is truly entertaining and about the closest you can get to real mind reading with no suspicious pauses or actions required. Yes there are sophisticated electronics involved, but you’d never know – they are hidden so well and the props look so innocent. Well maybe innocent is the wrong word since they look pretty dangerous, but they are 100% ungimmicked.

Effect: A spectator is invited to the stage to help test your abilities in the new defense technique known as “Dead Zoning” and after explaining that it is a combination of heightened body language reading, plus the ability to imagine a ‘Dead Zone’ on the person you are looking at – in essence it allows you to know whether someone poses a threat to you just by looking at them. The technique is now taught to bodyguards, secret service agents and airport security personnel.

At this point you explain that you imagine the “Dead Zone” as a target and then proceed to stick a picture of a target onto the spectator then ask him to imagine that he is an assassin and draw his attention to the case on the table. You explain that it contains a selection of weapons that may be used by an assassin and ask him to open the case and take a look inside.

You turn your back to the spectator & instruct the spectator to place each of the weapons into his pockets. Once done, you turn to face him and ask him to walk away from you. After a couple of steps you stop him and by staring at the ‘Dead Zone’ you CORRECTLY reveal which weapons are in which pocket!

As the applause fades you explain that sometimes if you really tune into the ‘Dead Zone’ you can know what is going to happen before the thoughts even enter the other persons head. You ask him to remove the ‘Dead Zone’ target that you stuck on him & open it up. It is a prediction that correctly states which of the weapons he would place in which pockets with perfect, 100% accuracy every time!

Dead Zone Pro is truly geared towards the professional performer and each unit has been carefully hand crafted to ensure both quality and reliability.

Each unit is precision made to the highest standard and comes complete with everything you need to perform this fantastic routine: 

  • Case & Weapons specially adapted by Christopher Taylor
  • Two Brand new (2021) Receivers one with digital readout, and one that vibrates.
  • Three different targets to create a different outcome at repeat performances!
  • Full instructions and professional script by Andy Nyman!
  • Online instructions detailing the new receivers.

Brief Case Dimensions Approximately 11.5″ x 9.5″ x 3.5″ (29cm x 24cm x 9cm)

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions, Online Instructions.)

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