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Duel by Tim Wisseman, Outlaw Effects

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Duel was built by Tim Wisseman for Outlaw Effects who seem to have a rather spotty record (for example, see this thread of the cafe). Which is a shame because Tim’s work is perfect and this device is no different – works like a dream and looks so authentic.

Effect: Duel is an aged wood medallion. A medallion with history and provenance. With Duel, for the first time, you will not need a ring or any other device to know, not only which hand, but whether the medallion will be heads or tails up when they open their hand. You can set it so you are as much as 6 feet from the spectator.

The “werks” are embedded in the medallion and only work with the medallion. The “werks” are designed just for this piece. The cool part is, the medallion has the letters “R” and “RH” on each side, so you don’t just say “it’s heads or tails” you actually do an expanded “reading” of what they have chosen. The whole unit is stored in a small carry box which also adds to the authenticity of the piece.

The Duel is a wooden medallion with a short range transmitter hidden inside of it. The transmitter sends two different signals based on which side is up. You can use that signal to tell which side of the medallion is up or down when it is hidden from view, in someone’s hand or under a cup. When you are near the maximum range of the transmitter and the medallion is placed behind someone’s back, their body will block the signal. If the person has both hands behind their back and bring out one hand at a time, (keeping the medallion hidden) you will be able to tell which hand it is in. You will also be able to tell which side of the medallion will be up when they open their hand.

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