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Esoteric by Finn Jon, Ken Brooke

(c. 1973,2010)
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Out of stock


This is a fine version of the Haunted Pack and is well made with no significant problems.  I prefer to perform the Haunted Pack in my hands, and so am unlikely to switch but in the right situation this would certainly turn a few heads 🙂

Effect: Finn Jon has taken the Haunted Pack into cyberspace with Esoteric! Three cards are selected and placed face up on the deck. Each is inserted face up into different places in the deck. The deck is placed on the floor. Now the miracle begins! A spectator is handed an imaginary thread attached to the deck. He pulls and slowly his chosen card emerges from the deck. This is repeated with the other two spectators and cards.

I’ve seen Joe perform this effect for years at various magic conventions and it always kills! Many newer versions have come and gone – but the truth is they are no more amazing and usually a lot more money then this original version by Finn Jon.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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