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Hinged Open Back Drawer Box by Owen Magic Supreme

(c. 1910,1943,1965)
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The earliest version of this type of drawer box I could find with the end of the box hinged was one by Thayer mentioned in Dr. Albo’s Vol. XI – Laboratories of Legerdemain (pg. 85) with a date c. 1910. The first catalog listing I could find was in Thayer’s Catalog 9 Volume 2 c. 1943. There it was called Thayer’s Ultra De Luxe Drawer Box. However, this box is not quite the same as the drawer itself does not lock. An Owen’s version was also pictured in Dr. Albo’s Classic Magic With Apparatus Vol. II.

This is a very pretty, interesting, and quite rare Drawer Box from Owen Magic Supreme that works perfectly.  It has the added feature of the hinged open back so after the production the drawer may be placed aside, and the arm shoved completely through the box and wave to the audience at the other end.


Effect: A wooden box, measuring 10″ x 6″ x 6″ has a sliding drawer. The drawer is opened and shown to be empty.  Yet, when it is shoved shut, for a moment, and re-opened, a rabbit, pigeon, two doves or any other large object is found inside.

Yes, the drawer is large enough to comfortably hold a rabbit as old as six or seven weeks. A pigeon will not be cramped inside it, and there is plenty of room for two doves. It’s a big drawer box in every respect. The end of the box is hinged so that after the production the drawer may be placed aside, and the arm shoved completely through the box proper.

The box may also be used to vanish objects of the type and style suggested above.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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