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Hippity Hop Rabbits by Collectors’ Workshop

(c. 1985)
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The Elusive Rabbits or Hippity-Hop Rabbits was invented by The Great Norman (Norman Hazeldene) c. 1947.

These little beauties from Collectors’ Workshop are still the cutest Hip Hop variation I have seen.  Designed by Les Smith of Owen’s Magic over thirty years ago, there still has been nothing created since quite as cute as these little guys.  The covers and bases are solid walnut and the gimmicks are well built and function perfectly.

Very hard to come by these days and you’ll love them to display in your collection or to show the grand-kids 🙂

Effect: Every magic buff-every one of you reading this ad-has experienced the phenomenon. It’s the reawakening of that sense of wonderment that gathered you into this craft in the first place. Sometimes it comes back as you enter the local magic shop. Or perhaps it is resurrected by the uncovering, in that dark closet or drawer, of a long lost effect or even an ad or catalogue. Whatever it is, it puts the magic back in magic. The following does it for us:

Consider, for a moment what may be the single finest children’s effect ever created-the Hippity Hop Rabbits. Why so good?

  1. It’s a visible transposition- the white rabbit obviously changes place with the black. Good, visible stuff. Theatrically, it’s an effect with a true beginning, middle and end.
  2. These are attractive, comfortable props. Rabbits and hats are magic.
  3. This is a real audience participation effect. The so-called “sucker” aspect invites (incites?) … interest.
  4. But mainly, it’s the colors. Black and white become brilliant red and yellow in a truly stunning conclusion .

Now, a secret about this effect. While it caters to the child in all of us, it’s not just for children. Ever watch the adult watching the children watching you? First, all eyes are on you. Then having quickly seen through your clumsy diversion, parents look to their children to see if they caught the ruse. Finally, the focus snaps back as one is confronted with a downright inexplicable conclusion.

But you bought this effect 20 years ago. Why buy it again, now? Because:

  1. Collectors’ Workshop has built the prettiest close-up set (5 inches high) of rabbits you’ve ever seen. Les Smith of Owen Magic Supreme designed the artwork. We crafted the rabbits and cases from beautifully finished, hand-worked walnut.
  2. We created an engaging, commercial routine for adults.
  3. These are, like most of our products, limited edition collectors’ pieces. Each set is stamped and numbered; it becomes an investment in its own right, and a good one at that.

But the real reason to buy these gems is to retrieve, for awhile, that glow that got you in the first place.

Patter: My friends, you see before you two small, but attractive wooden boxes, decorated with the obligatory talisman of our trade- top hats. What, you ask, may exist within the confines of these cultivated crates? Two tiny Fred Astaire’s? His and her cigar humidors? Matching compact cars? No, my friends, for the moment 1 urge you to suspend your disbelief-release your inner-most psyche to travel with me to hitherto uncharted intellectual and emotional territories. Quoting now from the Aramaic postulates of the three wise men in Bethlehem: “Behold the little black and white wooden bunnies.”

Throughout recorded history, the sheer grace and beauty of these dazzling creatures have driven the muses and poets to wax eloquent. Watch the speed of these magnificent animals. Snap . fingers. There, they have changed places. Ah, but 1 sense the evil specter of doubt. Let me prove beyond peradventure (what the hell is a peradventure?) that they have changed, by showing that, in a burst of unbridled energy, they can change back. Lift tubes to show rabbits have RETURNED.

I can see I’m going too quickly for you. Let me slow it down, reminding you as I do that each walnut cabinet you too before you carries a hat on both sides. At this. Performer turns cabinet three times. Don’t worry, the slow ones will catch up later. There, I’ve done it again – these be-cottoned Mercuries have changed locations before your very eyes. ‘Do it again,’ you say. And violating the age-old prohibition – “NEVER DO A TRICK TWICE”- I will.

At this, you move the rabbits once more, obviously turning them as you do.

With the speed of an elusive gazelle and snap of the fingers, the rabbits return to their original locations. At this, remove the covers from each rabbit, showing the covers EMPTY while placing them flat on the table. How does he do it? Why does he do it? No matter. Just chalk it up to my taking sheer delight in having astounded yet another group of intelligentsia, with a saga I call the “The Tale of the Hare.”

At this, turn the rabbits around to reveal the red and yellow backs.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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