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Houdini’s Escape (1 of 15) by Thomas Pohle

(c. 2021)
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A wonderful looking illusion from Thomas Pohle.  It is very similar to Angleo Carbone’s Prison Box and Squeeze Thru, though Thomas has never owned either of these items.  His effect is based on a cardboard model he saw on YouTube. Thomas wanted to make it in wood – and improve it with his creation of the locking tab. While Thomas’ cabinet is not the same as the two effects mentioned – out of respect for Angelo Carbone – this initial run of Houdini’s Escape will be the only ones ever made. There were fifteen units sold.

Thomas has done an amazing job on the look and working of this effect – it looks perfect and the mechanism is smooth and easy to use.  It is possible to lock the unit in place (unlike the Angelo Carbone’s versions), and this is a minor miracle in itself, with very fine tolerances.  For me I don’t think it is necessary to lock the unit, but having the option is good to have.

A very fine piece that is sure to please both the Thomas Pohle fans and the Houdini Collectors, and given there are only fifteen units available these will be in higher demand.

Effect: A wooden cabinet is shown that looks like a jail cell with a sliding door and an upper and lower chamber. A pendant featuring the great Harry Houdini fully cuffed and chained, is thread from the bottom chamber and pulled out of the top of the jail cell.  Harry is clearly trapped in the bottom chamber.

The sliding door is closed and the pendant is pulled and when the sliding door is lifted there is Harry safely in the upper chamber with no clues as to how he arrived there, proving to all who are present that Harry Houdini clearly was the The Man Who Walked Through Walls 🙂

This could also be performed using a borrowed ring, Chinese coin, etc – with a ribbon instead of the cord.

(Description supplied with permission by Joe Long)

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions, Online Instructions.)

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