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Impossible by T and L Magic

(c. 1968)
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This is an amazing find 🙂 I previously thought the first switch board type effect was Illumin-Ace by Paul Bernhardt c. 1989, but this authentic beauty was created in 1968 and it is amazing!!!

This was created by T and L Magic from Detroit Michigan c. 1968. The “T” stands for James Turk but I have been unable to find out who the “R” stands for. If you know please contact me.

What this really has going for it is clarity and authenticity – everything is out in the open and it looks old and beyond reproach. I found an authentic looking case to house it which is not old but it still looks perfect for this marvel.

I hope to get a video up soon, but this works precisely as the routine says, with no secret moves, nothing added or taken away, and apparently nothing to go wrong. I don’t know how it works, it does requite 110 volt, 60 cycle, A.C., so please do not think about this unless you live in the USA.

The instructions say the switches and the bulbs are gimmicked but there is nothing I can see. A truly rare electronic beauty that you will love.

Effect: A Transparent Plastic Box containing two common light sockets and switches attached to a lamp cord is shown to Spectators and may be examined by them. Performer calls attention to the fact that the Switches and Sockets are wired in Series (much like the old fashion Christmas Tree Lights that all went out if one bulb was loose or burned out). The bare copper wiring clearly visible thru the transparent box shows this to be true.

Performer now shows two different colored Light Bulbs (RED and GREEN) and proceeds to screw the bulbs into the sockets in Box, placing the RED bulb in the socket directly above the RED switch and the GREEN bulb in the socket directly above the GREEN switch. Performer now plugs the lamp cord from the “Impossible Box” into an electrical outlet.( 110 Volt A.C. ONLY) Performer at this point calls attention to the spectators, that since the Box is wired in Series and both switches are OFF the bulbs cannot light until both switches are turned ON.

Performer Now Says “However when I turn ON the RED switch (the Red light comes ON, when I turn the Red switch OFF, the Red light goes Out. When I turn ON the GREEN switch, the GREEN light comes ON. or when I turn ON both switches, both lights come ON.” Performer may now turn lights ON and OFF in any sequence he desires and may let spectators do so. Box may be tipped in any direction and it will not affect its operation.

After switching the lights ON and OFF, the Performer now turns both lights ON. He then loosens either bulb in it’s socket, both lights go out. As he does this, he calls the spectators attention to the fact that this proves that the wiring is in Series, like the old Christmas Tree Lights, if it were any other way, only the bulb that was loosened would go out.

Performer turns both switches OFF and removes both bulbs from the sockets, tipping Box (after removing bulbs) as if to show the spectators that there was nothing in the sockets causing the lights to function as they did. Attention may be called to the fact that they are ordinary socket if desired ). Performer screws bulbs back into sockets ( But this time he reverses the position of the bulbs, placing the RED Bulb in the socket above the GREEN switch and the GREEN Bulb above the RED Switch. Performer says “You will remember, that before when we turned the RED switch ON the light in the socket above it lit and when turned the GREEN Switch ON, the bulb in the socket above it lit.”

Performer now says, “I turn ON the RED Switch and RED Bulb lights and I turn ON the GREEN Switch and the GREEN Bulb lights.” (Performer turns ON the Red Switch just as he says the word RED and turns ON the GREEN Switch just as he says Other. Performer gives the impression that he, too, is surprised to find that the Red switch has lit the Red bulb in the opposite socket and the GREEN switch has lit the GREEN bulb in the opposite socket from the first part of the presentation. Timing of turning ON the switches and the above Patter is important to making the most Impact with the effect.)

The switches may now be turned ON and OFF in any sequence desired and either bulb may be loosened to again prove that the wiring is in Series.

Performer may give explanation of the Effect, that like things sometimes attract and that is why the RED Switch lights the RED bulb, etc.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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