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Improbability (Phantom Penetration) by Sherms, Brian Godfrey

(c. 1933,1937)
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A Super Card Penetration that was originally called Phantom Penetration and was invented by the English magician and inventor Brian “Tish” Godfrey c. 1933 and sold by Davenport’s.  Brian Godfrey also created an improved version c. 1936 called Penetrating Giant Card Mystery. This was also released by Davenport’s, who purchased the sole selling rights.

It was subsequently renamed to Improbability and released c. 1937 by the National Magic Company in Chicago, Sherms Inc. (Robert Sherman), and Stanyon’s.  None of these versions gave credit to Godfrey.  Even Dr. Albo states it was invented by National Magic Company in Vol. 3 of his Classic book series.  A notable version was also released in 1970 by Buma’s House of Magic in San Francisco.

This is the Sherms version I believe although I am not 100% certain as it came with the N.M.C. instructions, but it is very different from N.M.C. version here (which I have confirmed is a genuine N.M.C as I have matched it in the color pages in Dr. Albo Vol. 3).

This really is a beautiful illusion and thanks to John Davenport the real inventor, Brian Godfrey, is finally been given his recognition and I’m happy to promote that information on my site too 🙂

Notice: The gimmicked card is showing signs of age but it still works well and from a short distance you have a real miracle, and since this is a parlor stage effect that is precisely the distance you need.

Effect: An easel, a card case, and a giant size card with a hole in its center.  A transparent tube-that fits through a hole in the card and the card case.  A silk handkerchief … and we present: “Improbability.”

The card case is set upon the easel. The silk handkerchief is placed through the tube and the tube is inserted through the hole in the case-protruding through the back of the case. The giant card is slowly pushed down into the card case – BUT IN SOME MANNER MUST PASS THROUGH THE TUBE IN THE CENTER OF THE CASE.

The card is slowly pushed down …  apparently through the tube. The case is taken from the easel … the tube still through it and brought forward to the spectators. THE CARD CASE … IS TAKEN APART (as it is made to come apart in the center) CLOSING THE GIANT CARD AND THROUGH ITS CENTER HOLE, THE SOLID TUBE.

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