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Improved Proxy Substitution Chest (Batman and Superman Smackdown) by U.F. Grant

(c. 1946,1966)
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This is U.F. Grant’s wonderful and overlooked Improved Proxy Substitution Chest. The original version released c. 1946 used just a single chest, but an improved version was introduced c. 1966 using two chests.  This is the latter kind.  It doesn’t look very much when you get it but it is a very convincing transposition that is embarrassingly easy to do.  The basic plot is that two items borrowed from the audience, an item from a lady and an item from a man, change places in a very clean manner.

I thought it would it would be perfect for a Batman and Superman ultimate Smackdown contest …

The chests have plenty of cosmetic marks and scratches  but they work perfectly.  If I was to perform this regularly I would probably repaint them in blacks and browns to represent buildings or maybe green and red for Kryptonite, but as they are they work perfectly too.  Of course you don’t have to use Batman and Superman – any two small items under about 6″ would work.


  • Both Proxy Chests
  • Green + Red Ribbons
  • Rice Picture Silk 27″ (Devil) by Silk King Studios (a $35 value)
  • Mattel DC Comics 6″ Batman + Superman figures (a $30 value)

Effect:  You introduce Batman and Superman and announce you are going to settle once and for all who would win in a battle between these two  caped crusaders …

To give Batman a fighting chance Superman is placed deep inside the inner chest and the chest is secured with Green and Red Kryptonite straps to ensure he can’t get out.  The inner chest is then buried inside the larger chest and the whole unit is protected by a large sheet with an image of what looks like General Zod.

Batman is now picked up and placed under the sheet and rests on top of the outer chest, confident in his advantage.  But when the sheet is whipped away Batman is has been replaced by Superman!  The outer chest is removed and the inner chest with straps are removed and the lid is opened and inside, hiding in his shame, is Batman.

Of course it is no surprise that Superman wins the day 🙂

Effect 2: The magician states that he will have a man and a woman change places – BY PROXY. He shows two small chests. In one he places any small object a Lady hands to him, such as a lipstick. This chest is then placed inside of the second one which is then tied shut. A man hands you any object, such as a wrist watch. This is placed on top of the nested chests. A cloth is thrown over top of the chests.

Magi commands the two items to change places. He tosses the cloth aside and on top of the nested chests is now the lipstick and locked inside the nest is the man’s watch.

Not one false move. About as clean as you can ask for. You are supplied with two attractive special made chests and full instructions.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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