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Intangibility by Damir Djanis

(c. 2022)
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What a beautiful and clever idea from the talented craftsman from Croatia, Damir Djanis.  This is the third of Damir’s items released by George Robinson at Viking Mfg. and I think it is the best so far. 

I’ve always liked the Cabala type effect but have never been happy with the angle issues. But now thanks to Damir and George those issues are gone.  This is a brilliant solution and works perfectly.  You can have the whole unit examined and do the magic right in front of them with nothing added or taken away.

The only issue I had with it was that I was not too excited by the patter about Alan Turing.  Being a computer guy for almost fifty years I admire and respect Alan Turing as much as the next person but the routine did not work for me.

I came up with idea of using the box as a counterfeit detector and my routine is below.  However, to do my routine you need three Silver Morgans (one of which is real) and the other two are fake, but only one is magnetic.  I used to think all fake Silver Morgans were magnetic (certainly all the ones I had were), but it turns out that is not the case and when I realized it, this feature led me to my routine.  When you purchase this from Viking you will only get one fake non-magnetic Silver Morgan.  But for my routine you’ll need three Silver Morgans (two fake, only one of which is magnetic) and a real Silver Morgan too. 

George liked my routine so much he now includes it with the official instructions. Thanks Damir and George this is a wonderful item 🙂


  • Beautiful Intangibility box in Mahogany
  • A fake non-magnetic Silver Morgan
  • A real Silver Morgan (value $30-$40) (bonus)
  • A fake magnetic Silver Morgan (bonus)
  • A small magnet (bonus)
  • Full updated Instructions

Effect: The ONLY Ball Thru Coin that can be performed surrounded! The effect is straight-forward: A gleaming steel ball passes visibly through a Morgan Silver Dollar. The case, coin and steel ball can be minutely examined. A true collectible that you will treasure and use.

The performer begins by displaying three Silver Morgan coins which are handed to a spectator who is asked if he/she can identify the real silver Morgan. Whatever they reply you say: “The traditional way to spot a fake Silver Morgan was simply to use a magnet which would be attracted to the fake coin.” You demonstrate that one of the coins is picked up by a small magnet.

“However, the counterfeiters have become more sophisticated and now can produce Silver Morgan’s that are not magnetic. While I was tinkering in my workshop, I discovered this neat device that through the transmutation of metals can detect a counterfeit even if traditional methods fail.”

The Intangibility box is introduced and given to the spectator along with the real Silver Morgan, and a steel ball bearing. He/she is asked to lock the coin in the center cavity of the box and to place the ball bearing on top of the coin. If the ball does not penetrate that means the coin is genuine. After the spectator has thoroughly examined the box and knows that the ball will not fall through the coin and that the coin is securely locked in the box it is returned to the performer. This is a great way to have them examine the box without having to do anything fishy.

The performer then removes the genuine Silver Morgan which is set aside (as you are removing the coin you can do the very simple move so that the box is now ready for the penetration. What is nice about this is there is no heat on you at this point because you are removing the coin anyway).

The counterfeit Morgan is now placed inside the box and the lid closed. The ball bearing is placed on top of the coin and almost immediately falls though the coin thus proving it is the fake Morgan. The gimmick is locked in place as per the original instructions and all can be reexamined if so desired.

History: “I have wanted to produce this effect for many years, but the locking method escaped me. I first purchased the Coin of the Realm back in 1966. I loved the effect, but it always bothered me that it was basically a one-on-one effect. There was no way one could hide the method if you had observers around you. I kept this in the back of my mind for many years and from time to time I would doodle around trying to figure out a way of working this so that it could be performed surrounded. My initial ideas were very complex and so I discarded them.

I recently shared my idea with Damir, a very creative thinker from Croatia and he put his creative genius to work. Within a couple of months and some trial and error he discovered the solution. Something I should have thought about, since he used the method, I use in locking our Glass Heart. Sometimes you just don’t see the forest for the trees.

Damir not only perfected the system but did a masterful job in the construction of this wonderful effect. My dream has now become a reality and the end result is in your hands. While most of the Damir Limited Edition items are limited to 24 pieces, I felt that this unique and clever effect should have a wider distribution, hence we have made 50 pieces available at this time.”
George Robinson, Viking Mfg.

Dimensions: 5″ x 2 5/8″ x 7/8″

Released in both walnut and the mahogany.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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