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Introducing Bill’s Magic by W.G. Stickland

(c. 1970,1976)
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Effect: Introducing Bill’s Magic is a fantastic book, loaded with great magic for parlor and stage. The material is in the category of Robert Harbin and Eric Lewis’s stand up material. All effects in the book are geared for a family audience. Illustrated by Ali Bongo and it that includes Bill’s famous Sporting Act, his Close-Up and his Living Marionettes.

Contents (from book):

1 Dedication
2 Credits
5 The Author’s Foreword
9 About Big Bill (Bob Johnson)

11 Part One Kiddies Magic
13 The Entertainment of Children
17 With a Rabbit
17 The Noah’s Ark
19 The Easter Egg: with a rabbit production at the end
20 A Song of Sixpence
21 The Symbols of Magic
23 Birth of a Bunny
26 The Laundry of Wu Chu
30 Jigsaw Santa Claus
33 A Trick With a Punch
36 The Magic Stick
39 A Magical Operation
41 The Magic Food Cards
45 The Old Lady in the Shoe
49 The Mutilated Gloves
53 Wedding Bells

57 Part Two Comedy Magic
59 Currant Cake
61 Magical Limericks
63 Wessex Die Box
67 The Phantom Drink
69 Bottle to Handbag
71 Bill-posting Blunders
79 My Hat!
83 Crazy 20th Century Silks: best before an audience of magicians!
84 A Pocket Trick

87 Part Three Close Up Magic
89 Alan Kennaugh Writes…
93 The Educated Die
94 The W.G.S. Cut and Restored Necktie
97 The Wandering Coins
99 Magnifying Money

105 Part Four Novel Platform Mysteries
107 The Card Beacon
109 The Glove Affair
111 Baffling Bars
115 Stop-Go!
119 Materialisation
121 A Record Mystery
123 Where the Rainbow Begins
127 Flash Vanishing Bulb
131 The Growth of Time

137 Part Five Illusions In Miniature
139 Home Sweet Home
145 The Bathing Belle
148 Robes
153 The Great Presto Painting Mystery

159 Part Six The Magic of Eric P. Wilson
161 Telepathy or …?
163 The Card Fan Wheel
164 Rope Routine Finish
165 What’s Yours?
168 Many Happy Returns
170 Just Nothing
171 A Slate Catch
173 The Dartboard

177 Part Seven Sporting Sorcery
179 Net
183 Deuce
189 The Magic Cricket Bat
193 Pizzicato Vanish
199 My Handicap
201 The Nineteenth
213 Tee Box to Lawn Mower
217 Fantastic Flag

221 Part Eight Living Marionettes
223 A Great Attraction
226 The Fit-Up
226 The Table
227 The Stage
231 The Back Cloth
233 Performance
233 The Figures
236 Special Figures
238 Mechanical Hand

241 Part Nine Pot-Pourri
242 Human Gasometer
245 The Magic Camera
250 Snowman and Father Christmas
253 O.K. Toots
255 Christmas Eve
259 Chinese Testimonial
261 The Magic Wardrobe

  • Publisher: Supreme
  • Pages: 273
  • Location: Bideford, Devon
  • Dimensions: 8″x10″
  • Date: 1970, 1976
  • Binding: hardbound

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