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Locking Card Box by Joe Porper

(c. 2006)
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Along with the P&L Ultra Perfect Card Box, this beauty from Joe Porper is one of my all time favorite Card Boxes. When I first received this I couldn’t figure out how to get to the second compartment (and I’ve seen a lot of card boxes!) – this is always a good test! I have not seen a card box using this precise method before but even if it is not original with Joe, no one makes them like Joe Porper!

Apart from the very obvious: that this box is flawlessly machined and works perfectly, I really like this box because the “flap” is totally under the magician’s control. If you want to put a card in there, switch it, and then retrieve the original card you can. And you can do this right under their noses, with no magnets or other devices to add or take away. The whole box is totally self contained. The only potential problem with this card box is the weight: 11 oz. That’s a heavy block of metal to be lugging around in your pocket.

When these came out in 2006 they were shipped with a great booklet from Magic Inc.: 50 Ways To Use A Card Box.  And I included a Houdini routine that is based on an idea in the booklet called Houdini Card.


  • Locking Card Box.
  • 50 Ways to Use a Card Box by Joe Turner.
  • 2 Houdini cards + spare envelopes.
  • Standard printed Instructions.
  • Pouch to hold the card box.

Effect: The performer gives a brief story about the world famous Harry Houdini, the greatest escape artist the world has ever known, that there was never a pair of handcuffs, a lock, or a jail cell ever made that could hold him.

On July 3, 2002, the U.S. Postal Service honored Houdini with a commemorative postage stamp. What is amazing is that even the Stamp possessed some of the magical escapology skills of Houdini himself.  Let me show you …

You ask the spectator to place the Houdini Card into the envelope and seal it so that not even Houdini can get out.  You then ask them to place it inside the card box and the lid is closed and the box is handed to the spectator.  With a snap of your fingers you ask them to open the box and Houdini is found to have escaped the sealed envelope leaving it still intact and sealed.

Of course if it was the Houdini himself, he would have escaped from the box too, but what can you expect from a paper copy? 🙂


(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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