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Magiro’s Perfect Switch Case by Limited Edition Magic

(c. 1993,2023)
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This clever deck switch case was originally invented by Magiro and released by Eckhard Boettcher c. 1993 as “Kartenspiel Austauschkassette” (see final photo.).  This updated and improved version from the dynamic duo of Joe Long and Paul Lembo for their Limited Edition Magic line is a truly beautiful version and is my new favorite deck switch.  Previously I thought Heirloom Workbench’s Switch was the go-to high-end device, but that has all changed with this beauty.

A few points to notice:

  • It works completely differently from any other deck switch device I have seen, thanks to the brilliant mind of Magiro  and impressive construction of Paul Lembo, and you no longer have to turn the whole box over.
  • It looks like one of those high-end executive organizers and will look great in your office, magic den, living room, or in your local pub such as The Porcupine.
  • You can place the case in front of the spectator at the beginning of the effect and perform the switch and at no time do you need to actually touch the cards, the spectator is free to remove them from the box themselves (as you hold the case in your hand and ask them to pull the tab and remove the deck).
  • It can be performed almost silently right in front of them (I added a thin extra strip of felt to help here, but it can be achieved with the right touch without it).
  • Did I mention it looks great in The Porcupine 🙂

A perfect utility item that I know you will love.  Thanks to Joe and Paul for continuing to track down these cool items from yesteryear and bring them up to date for a select few, this is wonderful addition to your range 🙂

Below is my routine which also makes use of the wonderful Thought Explosion Wallet.


  • The beautiful Perfect Switch Case
  • Supreme’s Thought Explosion Wallet (Bonus)
  • Two full decks of cards and all extra cards to perform the Porcupine effect (Bonus)
  • Full Instructions

Effect: Imagine if you were having a wonderful evening in The Porcupine and someone says “Show us a Magic Trick Andy.”  If you had to pick just one trick to completely wow them, maybe this would be the one …

You point to the wooden box that has been on the bar all evening and look at the spectator saying “In a moment I want you to think of a card, but for now keep your mind blank.”  You take the deck from the box and remove a single card and show it to the spectator.  It is the Ace of Spades and it is placed alone in the wallet face-up.  You close the wallet and place it on the bar.  The deck is replaced back in the case.  You say to the spectator “I chose the most recognizable card in the deck, The Ace of Spades, because I was sure you would not think of that one.”

“Now, Please think of any card.  Do you have one.  OK, now think of a different one, that one was too easy. OK do you have one?  Do you want to change your mind? OK then concentrate on your card.”

The magician concentrates and says “Hang on let me think … ah yes OK I have it good choice!”  Now I’m going to make your card swap places with the Ace of Spades in the wallet. The magician makes a gesture … “And I’m done.”  He turns to another spectator and says “You don’t look very impressed.”

The magician turns to the first spectator and says “So that everyone knows what card you are thinking of please tell us what it is.”  The spectator says “The Seven of Hearts.”

“Great of course, now remove the deck, I don’t want to touch the cards at any time.”  The spectator removes the deck from the box as the magician removes the lid and offers the cards to them without once touching the cards.

The magicians asks the spectator: “Please deal the cards face up onto the bar and stop when you get to your card.”  The spectator deals all of the cards onto the bar and cannot find their card.  Meanwhile the magician removes the card he placed in the wallet at the beginning.  And reminds the audience: “I placed a single card, the Ace of Spades, in my wallet, before you even thought of a card and I have not touched the deck since. And now your card, The Seven of Hearts, is no longer in the deck.”

“Wouldn’t it be amazing if the Ace of Spades was back in the deck (here it is) and your card had changed places with the Ace?”  The magician turns over the card and it now the chosen card, The Seven of Hearts.

And the crowd goes wild. 🙂

Comments from Joe Long: The originals are extremely rare. In fact, I’ve only ever seen one. After handling the case, I knew immediately we should offer it as a limited edition – with improvements.

It’s a switch case for decks of cards (or any other small objects) with an ingenious design. Switch a normal deck for a gaffed deck just by placing the case on the table. Use it to switch a shuffled deck for a stacked deck, etc.

Magiro has added a couple of unique touches that set this apart from others:

  • notably a compartment that appears to hold three dice making the look of the prop more innocent – simply an elegant case to hold your cards and dice. It’s a subtle but clever way to show there doesn’t appear to be room inside for a second deck.
  • matching ribbon pull tabs which not only help remove the deck(s) from the case – but also create the perfect illusion that it’s the same interior the spectator sees even after the switch.
  • the case is very easy to operate – there are no knobs to turn, etc – just giving the box a slight tilt as it’s placed on the table does the work.
  • Magiro’s original was only usable with bridge sized decks and it was finished in a plain black finish with wood knob. This new Limited Edition is beautifully crafted from walnut with brass knob on the lid.

If you want something much more elegant to use than a cheap plastic switch case, this is it. Perfect for displaying at a card table, bar, home office. Most importantly, it’s now designed for poker sized cards (without card box) – or – bridge size cards (with card box).

I really like the added touch of having one side of the case appear to hold some dice. It adds greatly to the illusion. As mentioned, the perfect piece to switch from a gaffed deck to normal – ring in a stacked deck – or even for switching other small objects, billets, notes and so on.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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