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Master-Mentality by Stanton Carlisle

(c. 1978)
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Effect: Master-Mentality is one of the most important books written on the subject of Contact Mind Reading. Stanton Carlisle demonstrates how to perform Contact Mind Reading convincingly and without the difficulties normally associated with this art form. Carlisle shares all his personal secrets, methods, techniques, and insights on how to master the art of Contact Mind Reading! Very limited quantities remaining.


Dedication 3
Foreword by Ken de Courcy 7
Introduction by The Author 9
The Amazing Stanton Carlisle by Edwin 11
In The Beginning … 13
New Horizons 17
The Correct Approach to Mind-Reading 19
Contact and Non Contact Mind-Reading 23
Choosing, Controlling and Dismissing Assistants 31
The ‘S.C.’ Learning By Performing Methodology 35
The Inner-Secrets of the Art 43
Personal Publicity 49
Sensational Presentations 55
Effective Patter Presentations 67
The Perpetual Challenge 71
Winning The Audience 75
Showmanship and Presentation 79 (incorporating photographs, personal stationery, aims, pointing & timing, applause getting, cues and acknowledgement, make-up, dress, lighting, handling audiences, the stage furniture, patter, mood and music, overcoming ‘dead spots’, close-up presentations, programming and blindfolds).
Other Interesting Books 86
And In Conclusion … 87

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