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Matter Through Matter (#8 of 33) by Okito-Williams

(c. 1907,1997)
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I wasn’t consciously collecting the Okito-Williams series masterly crafted by Carl Williams but I seem to have added quite a number of them.  This latest addition is by far the most impressive of the series and one of the prettiest pieces of magic you can own.

I can’t imagine how difficult these are to make from scratch but it looks beautiful and after I maintained the vertical slide bars, according to the instructions, it works smoothly every time.  It is easy to perform but quite large so you will need a reasonable size table to perform this.

I included a beautiful and large 36″ silk and brass bullet wand so that you’ll have some suitable objects out of the gate to use for the penetrations.  An effect this breathtaking requires equally fine items to use for the penetrations 🙂


  • The Stunning Matter Through Matter Easel.
  • Full and detailed History and Instruction booklet.
  • VHS Video of the Okito Performing the illusion (for all you VCR users!).
  • A Beautiful 36″ Silk by Silk King Studios for penetrating the frame (Bonus!)
  • A Brass Bullet Wand by Shawn Reida (Bonus!)

Effect: Finally, master craftsman Carl Williams has completed Okito’s most precious and beautiful piece Matter Through Matter.

Matter Through Matter, (series piece number 7), is presented as the premium prop in the “Replicas of the Masters” series. No other item comprising the series of ten will be either as expenseive or as rare as this piece of apparatus. This replica has been built from the finest of materials available and is as close as possible an identical reproduction of the most rare of the Matter Through Matter models built by Theodore Bamberg (Okito).

The transfers which adorn this piece are replicas originals used by Okito although the images are not exactly those selected by Okito. The reason for the latter is that none of the images available on the original apparatus were suitable for photographs reproduction. The images used were, however, photographed from several Okito pieces other this Matter Through Matter and are, therefore, authentic to that extent.

Considerable soul searching took place before the decision was made to include this magnificent piece in the series. The elevated cost this piece, it was thought, might not be fair to those who have already invested in all of the other moderately priced pieces of the series. The final decision to include this item was based upon the rare nature of the piece and because of its practical performing aspect. In short, it was concluded that no Okito replica series could be considered complete without it.

For those of you who have invested in this latest collectable you may be assured this item will serve you well. It will enhance your collection with a very uncommon rare collectable destined to gain both in desirability and monitory value.

The next in the series of Okito’s releases has been almost two years in the making. A grand tripod, decorated in Okito’s revered fashion, sets on a table.

A bar is lowered and raised up and down the frame to reveal an ornate silk cloth underneath. At the magician’s will, solid objects can be passed directly through the Star Trap and pulled out the backside of the frame without tearing the solid silk cloth.

The Star Trap is raised and lowered at will, once again showing the silk behind it to be solid. And again, and again, objects can be passed through. Wands, silks, balls and any object that will fit through the Star Trap.

An unbelievable penetration only Okito could concoct.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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