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Mirror-ly Perplexed (12 Inch) by Dave Pavlov

(c. 2006)
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What a beautifully made piece of magic and an extremely clever method from Dave Pavlov.  This is actually the penetration of not one but TWO mirrors – one on each side.

This really is as close to real magic as you are likely to get.  To do this justice you do need to spend ten minutes practicing in a mirror to get the moves smooth – they are not difficult. And I banged out the Speed Demo this morning without issue and any previous practice, so you know you can do it 🙂

There is a larger version (17″) of this mirror which is quite a lot harder to handle due to the size, so if you have a choice you definitely want this 12″ version.

(Notice: Use your own objects to penetrate the mirror – even your hand!)

Effect: This is a thin-framed mirror penetration. Imagine the overwhelming shock when your own hand or small rabbit or dove or Barbie doll penetrates a double sided, solid glass mirror. Glass mirrors (one on each side) are pressure fused to a Medex substrate. Insures endurance for decades to come. Stand included, but no way necessary for performance. Effective from even one foot away. Knowledgeable magicians have held prop without detecting the clever method.

  • After clipping on cloth coverings, imagine the overwhelming shock when your hand, a small rabbit, or dove penetrates a 12 inch Solid Glass Mirror!
  • Impact resistant Glass Mirrors won’t scratch or yellow like other FAT framed acrylic versions.
  • Knowledgeable magicians have held the prop without detecting clever method.
  • Great for corporate, motivational themed presentations.
  • Thin-Framed Mirror Penetration

What people are saying:

  • Nathan Burton: “That’s cool!”
  • Jason Byrne: “Very impressive! It blew me away 3 times.”
  • James Dimmare: “Excellent concept for many presentation styles.”
  • Steve Wyrick: “Brilliant! I Love clever tricks. .. I’ll take one.”
  • Joe Stevens: “We’ll definitely sell it. Get us some. Quick!”
  • Joe Long: “I consider this the most deceptive mirror penetration ever made. And an all time favorite pieces of mechanical apparatus.”

(Notice: Includes: DVD (or similar) Instructions.)

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