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Mysterious Pyramid (#4 of 10) by Méo and Mandrile

(c. 2021)
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What a cute piece of magic this is created in a very limited edition by Mo and Mandrile.  It is called a Magic Toy rather than a magic prop but really it is just as magical as many, many items from Tenyo and they don’t call their items Magic Toys.

It is really very magical …  and if you watch Rob’s routine in the video he has developed a wonderful routine that is easy to do and has some fun and plenty of mystery.  It works automatically as you close the lid, there is nothing to flick or hidden switches to move.  Just open and close the lid and the magic happens.

It cannot be examined and as issued it does not come with any sort of routine.  But after reading the account of how David Williamson made Attaboy a closer for his act in David Regal’s excellent book Interpreting Magic,what makes an entertaining routine is clearly nothing to do with the prop and everything to do with the performer.  So in the right hands, I am quite sure this could be a complete miracle, with tears and laughter too and if you watch Rob’s routine in the video he has it all and he has done an amazing job 🙂

This really does everything you see in the video. So if you like what you see then you will love this bad boy.  I can’t see anything going wrong with this and if you spend a little time coming up with a routine lie Rob did in the video, you will have a real miracle on your hands.

Great Job Mo and Mandrile 🙂

Effect: Hello friends Magicians and collectors, here is our new creation of Meo and Mandrile of a magic toy on the Theme of ancient Egypt. Limited really to a small number of copies for some collector friend like me , this mysterious little pyramid containing two small sarcophagi with inside one of them, a mummy. Whenever you close the pyramid to protect it from tomb robbers, the mummy will disappear and reappear in the other nearby sarcophagus.

Here is the Mysterious Pyramid !!!! Based on an idea based on the imagination of Mo (Romeo) and the invaluable help of designer, architect and 3D printing Manuel Mandrile.

This simple little toy required a lot of research and work from Manuelle to make it work perfectly, I thank him for having helped this pharaonic project (Lol). The pyramid is made in 3D printing with ecological materials.

Although this comes with no instructions, you won’t need them as the item works automatically.

(Notice: This does not come with any instructions.)

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