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Okito-Style Prayer Vase (Limited Edition) by Viking Mfg.

(c. 2012)
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It is not clear who invented the original version of the Prayer Vase  but ads started appearing in the 1930’s.  Davenport’s called it the Demon Enchanted Vase (c. 1934), Floyd Thayer called it The Chinese Jug and Rope (c. 1936) and Abbott’s called it The Oriental Vase Mystery (c. 1936).  In the Abbott’s adverts they say it was of Oriental origin and that it was first introduced to America by Percy Abbott.

This beauty was created by George Robinson of Viking Mfg. and it is turned of white gumwood and painted with several coats of lacquer.  Hand cut decals are then applied with three finishing coats of clear lacquer and a final waxing to complete the process. 

The vase does not use the standard method and when it was released it did not even include a rope and original gimmick.  To my mind it is better if you can do the original rope version first then introduce the wand and use the new method to give an overall better effect.  So I’ve included a rope, gimmick and instructions for the original.

Effect: A beautiful vase is shown and handed for examination, along with a matching wand. Without exchanging either, one end of the wand is placed inside the vase and the vase can be turned upside down and the wand remains suspended inside.  Then the performer lifts the vase up just by the wand and still the wand remains. Finally, the performer makes a mystic pass and the wand is released.  The feat can be tried again but now the wand just comes out as it should – the magical moment has passed.

If desired the wand can then be handed to the spectator and they are unable to reproduce the feat.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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