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Oriental Sleeve Production by Michael Baker, Okito, Berg

(c. 1948,2015,2020)
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Although Okito almost certainly didn’t invent this type of production tube he did feature it in his act and Michael based his beautiful version on Okito’s versions featured in Dr. Albo’s books: The Oriental Magic of The Bambergs and The Ultimate Okito.

It makes for a wonderful production device because it can be used anytime during the act, is self-contained, easy to do and has a large load capacity.


  • Sleeve Production Tube with base and lid.
  • Instructions.
  • Some Spring Flowers. (bonus)
  • A Rabbit Silk. (bonus)
  • Beaten up but still cute spring rabbit. (bonus)

Effect: This beautiful square tube rests upon an ornate base. The lid is removed and the tube lifted. The magician pushes his hand and arm completely through the tube, to indicate its emptiness. The tube is replaced on the base, and immediately a very large production of silks, flowers, and other items is produced from the tube.

Tube size 6″x6″x12″. Overall height of assembled apparatus 15″. Width of base 8″x8″.

  • Beautiful chinoiserie image decals!
  • Easy to do!
  • Self-contained.
  • No body or table loads.

This finely crafted piece is sturdy and functional for your show, but beautiful enough to be a showpiece among your finest collectibles!

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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