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Pimpernel Card Box (Version 2) by Peter Scarlett

(c. 1996)
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This is the best version of the Pimpernel Card Box released by Peter Scarlett. If you compare it with the other version he produced, you’ll notice that this one does not have any clasp on the front so there is no way you can tell if the box has been turned over or not. Most people would not notice this, but from time to time you find those tricky types that do 🙁 Either way this is a great switching box for switching decks in plain sight.

It is perfect for performing Eddie Joseph’s Premonition.


  • The Pimpernel Card Box
  • Instructions for both Eddie Joseph’s original Premonition (c. 1948) and the New Premonition (c. 1966)
  • Three decks of bridge sized cards already set-up for the original Premonition, but it can be reset for New Premonition if desired.  (I use the original version as it is the one I learned years ago and have stuck with it.)

Notice: this is designed to hold bridge sized cards in their card case. It will handle Poker sized cards, but not the card case, just the cards themselves.

Effect: An ingenious piece of utility apparatus invented and designed by Peter Scarlett.

A deck of cards is removed from a beautiful polished wooden box and handed to a spectator – the spectator shuffles the deck – selects any card with the deck in his own hands – replaces the card anywhere in the deck and shuffles the cards again – the deck is returned to the box. The performer then names the selected card and locates it without any sleight of hand or false moves. The deck may then be used for any other trick or routine because it is a complete, normal deck.

This prop has many uses – limited only by your own imagination. Expertly manufactured in polished wood with brass hinges and fittings. Comes complete with Bicycle cards.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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