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Indian Rice Vase (Rare 15″ size) by D.A. Tayade

(c. 1965)
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Boy what a rare and beautiful example of D.A. Tayade’s work this Rice Vase is.  It stands 15″ tall which is quite a lot more impressive and rarer than the 11″ and 13″ ones you normally see. This will look amazing in your collection or in your next performance.  Made from wood and perfectly hand painted this is a premium example of this classic effect.

The load chamber is massive and although you can fill it pretty close to the brim and still vanish all of the rice, I found it easier to work with if you minimize the amount of rice you use – just makes the whole effect a little more manageable and less messy without detracting from the magic.

The problem I have with this effect is normally it is over too quickly.  I managed to track down a great set of routines by Eddie Joseph titled Queen Esther’s Magic Vase that appeared in the December 1965 issue of Genii magazine.  And after reading through those routines I came up with the routine below.


  • The stunning 15″ Rice Vase.
  • Two 18″ silks.
  • Fake Orange (which looks very real!).
  • Bag of Rice.
  • Copy of Queen Esther’s Magic Vase by Eddie Joseph.
  • Stand to hold the lid.
  • All necessary extras to perform the effect.
  • Use any glass to hold the rice (does not come with the glass).

Effect: A beautiful ornamental vase is shown with the lid resting on a stand to one side.  From the vase two silk handkerchiefs are pulled and waved up and down with one in each hand.  The interior of the vase is clearly shown to be empty and the two silks are placed in the vase.

A snap of the fingers and the silks are removed from the vase but now they are securely tied together.  The silks are placed down and a bag of rice is clearly poured into the vase.  The lid is placed on and the silks are waved around the Vase.

Now  when the vase is opened a Orange is produced to the amazement of all.  But the magic keeps on coming because when the vase is turned over there is absolutely no sign of the rice.  And the crowd is left in stunned amazement as you move on to your next miracle 🙂

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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