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Run Guard Run by Harry Leat, Maurice Garland, Unknown

(c. 1947)
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This is a beautiful and almost certainly one-off version of Englishman Harry Leat’s wonderful Run Rabbit Run. I am not sure of the builder, however, there is a chance it was made or commissioned by Harry Leat himself. I came to this conclusion because Harry talks about his good friend Maurice Garland (another English magician) who was one of the Queen’s Guards and performed sentry duty many times outside of Buckingham Palace (Forty Years in & Around Magic pg. 24, Harry Leat, 1923).

It seems quite possible that the inventor of Run Rabbit Run who had a good friend in the Queens Guard could have had this made.  I don’t know this for sure, but it is as good a starting place as any.  If you have any more information on the creator of this unique prop please contact me.

The mechanism works very well and it easy to operate.  The guard moves on a circular arc which means you can get a lot of motion from the guard for a small amount of motion from your thumb – this is a nice touch.  The hand-painting on this prop is adorable and very detailed.

There is a slight part of the guard that can be seen when he is to either side, but this can hardly be noticed close-up let alone in a live performance – particularly from below where the children would normally be watching from.

Their is quite a lot that could be done with the patter for this item due to the intrigue that children have with the The Queen, Buckingham Palace, and The Queen’s Guard.  And painting Garland the Guard as a bad guard who should never leave his post seems like a natural theme.

I find it hard to believe that I’m still finding cool and novel Run Rabbit Run variants but that is what happens when you create the greatest children’s effect in history 🙂

(Notice: I’ve included instructions for Supreme’s Run Rabbit Run which is very similar.  For the routine you can watch my Speed Demo.)

Effect: A cut-out Queen’s Guard named Garland the Guard is shown and placed at one end for his sentry duty to protect Buckingham Palace and the Queen.  The Magician tells the children that the Queen’s Guard must stay in the same position all the time they are on duty, until The Changing of the Guard happens.  So if they see Garland moving positions the children must tell the magician immediately as it is a big “No No!”.

Whilst he is talking Garland is seen to creep across to the other side! When the children start to shout Garland dashes back, and the children fairly hoot with laughter as they see him stealing from side to side of the frame! The door Is opened to show Garland really is still there, the magician tries again, but this time before he can get really started, Garland’s head pops round from the far end of the frame. When the magician looks, Garland immediately vanishes. It’s a scream, and has the children doubled up with laughter.

Now begins the game of hunt the guard. The doors are constantly opened at each end alternatively, but Garland is never located. Finally, all four doors are opened and they can clearly see right through the frame. Garland has completely vanished! It Is finally located back in the pinned on the Magician’s back!

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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