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Scotty York’s Color Changing Knives (7 knives) + Booklet by Scotty York, Bill Wells

(c. 1993)
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I’m a big fan of Joe Mogar’s knives, but it’s hard not to fall in love with these beauties from Scotty York and Bill Wells.  The standard four set are hard to find these days, but this set includes three extra knives, in total you get seven matching knives:

  • One knife with white ivory handles on both sides.
  • One knife with black stag handles on both sides.
  • One knife with a black stag handle on one side and a white ivory handle on the other side.
  • One knife with a black stag handle on one side and a Swiss Army red handle on the other.

Plus these three extra ones:

  • One knife with Swiss Army red on both sides.
  • One knife with a white ivory handle on one side and a Swiss Army red handle on the other.
  • One knife with a Swiss Army red handle and a white/red Visible Change on the other.

Although this outfit comes with the 34 page booklet, it does not include routines to use all the knives but I’m sure that won’t stop you once you get a taste for these beauties 🙂

Effect: These wonderful knives also come with a 34 page booklet detailing: The Scotty York’s Original Handling and Presentation of the Color Changing Pocket Knives including a special new handling utilizing the Double Edge Knife Case (case not included). And Fred Kaps’ Final Color Changing Knife Routine, a never before published routine from Scotty York’s private notebooks.

The Knives: In the package you have purchased you will find a special jeweler’s quality pouch. If you examine this pouch, you will find that it has been designed with four individual compartments, so that each knife will be protected by the soft material. In your pouch you will find the following knives:

  • One knife with white ivory handles on both sides
  • One knife with black stag handles on both sides
  • One knife with a black stag handle on one side and a white ivory handle on the other side
  • One knife with a black stag handle on one side and a Swiss Army red handle on the other

The first three knives listed have handles arranged in the same fashion as the handles on the standard set of knives originally supplied by Sanders. The fourth knife was especially prepared to our specifications for FYOE. One of the beauties of these knives is that they really look like ordinary knives (even more so than the Sanders’ knives), just like you’d expect to find in a gentleman’s pocket. The handles are either white ivory, black stag, Swiss Army red, or yellow bone, which is exactly what you will find available on almost all high quality pocket knives in Hudson Bay Outfitters or any of your better hardware or cutlery stores. (I prefer the yellow bone handle for the final color change in my routine. Unfortunately, when performing in reduced light, such as you might encounter in restaurants or bars, the yellow bone and white ivory handles may appear almost the same. As a result, we now normally supply a final knife that is black stag on one side and Swiss Army red on the other. If your set came with the yellow bone/black stag final knife, you may wish to purchase the Swiss Army red/black stag knife, should you have occasion to perform in reduced light. Both the black stag/yellow bone and the black stag/Swiss Army red are available individually, as are any other of the FYEO knives. Depending on which knife was furnished with the set you purchased, you may purchase the other knife from FYEO for $12.00, postpaid.) Most of the other “magic” knives available to magicians today are multicolored, silver speckled abortions that come in every color except white ivory, yellow bone, Swiss Army red, and stag, the very colors and textures a man’s pocket knife would be expected to be! It’s always been my opinion, that if you’re going to perform the knives, the knife you introduce should appear in every way to be not only ordinary, but of a style you would be expected to carry! The whole idea of the knives is that you are doing a trick with an ordinary, common object. The last thing I want is a pocket knife that looks like a special trick knife or is in any way unusual.

If you will examine the knives you have just purchased, you will discover some very important characteristics of the FYEO knives. None of these characteristics was an accident, by the way, these characteristics were planned and specified! First you will notice that the knives are almost exactly 3/8 of an inch wide and 3/8 of an inch deep. In other words the cross section of the knife is almost exactly a 3/8 inch square. It is extremely important for smooth handling, especially when your hands are either very dry or very moist from perspiration, that the knives NOT be basically flat, as most other knives now available. A flat configuration is much more difficult to rotate between your fingers than the square FYEO knives. The FYEO knives also have gently rounded corners, as compared to the much sharper corners of the Sanders’ knives. This makes the FYEO knives even easier to handle smoothly than the knives from the Sanders’ set!

If you need to lay one of the gimmicked knives on the working surface during a routine and if you lay the knife so that the blade edge is toward the spectators, the concealed side will not show. Because of the unique shape of the FYEO knives, the weight of the blades will cause the knives to rotate slightly downward, which (together with the cover provided by the sixteenth of an inch or so the folded blades protrude from the knives) will prevent the edge of the concealed handle from showing. This is an advantage of the FYEO knives that is not available in any other knife, Including the Sanders* knives!

You will also note that the individual knives are 2 3/4 inches long, almost exactly the length of the Sanders’ knives. Big enough for one of them to be a knife a man would carry in his pocket, but small enough NOT to extend out of your closed hand.

Finally, you will note that the totally unique textures of the handles of the knives (or the presence of the oval metal initial badge on only one side) makes it easy to quickly identify one side of a knife from the other while in your pocket, with the touch of your fingertips.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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