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Shellebration by Steve Dusheck

(c. 1979)
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Out of stock


This is one of my favorite Steve Dusheck effects that has recently been re-released under license by Airship Magic.  This set is from one of original runs c. 1979 and is a perfect example of Dusheck genius 🙂 

What I particularly like about this effect is how much magic is squeezed out of each gimmick and how you are left totally clean and the coins can be examined at the end.  When you first try this out you’ll even surprise yourself how good it looks!

The coins show a healthy tarnish but could easily be shined up if you want them to look that way. I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

Effect: This latest effect of Steve’s is a stunning coin sequence, even for performers who don’t do coin sequences. You place a nickel on a half dollar and touch the nickel with a small wand, whereupon the nickel instantly changes to a penny.

You then touch the penny with the wand, whereupon both the penny and the half dollar change, the first to a dime, and the second to an English Penny.

The double surprise delights your viewers, and the title of this effect undoubtedly delights you because now you have a good idea of how the effects are achieved and of what a bargain you are getting.

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