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Star Selection by Norman Stout, The Scottish Magic Studio

(c. 1947,1950)
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Variations of the Final Card effect have been around at least as early as 1945.   Abbott’s released The Last Card devised by Roydon c. 1945 and Jack Hughes produced his improvement c. 1946..  Prolific English inventor and creator Eric C. Lewis started working on his version about the same time this version came out and he really liked Norman’s version.  This is what Eric said in an I.B.M Budget Review in 1947:

An up-to-date, version of the ” Last Card,” it is topical and full of action and has real entertainment value

Eric’s own version is described starting on page 227 in Eric’s wonderful book A Continuation of Miracles. And the  most common modern release using Eric’s method was from Milson-Worth.

This version was created by Norman Stout c. 1947 and was originally sold directly by him. Norman then joined forces with Jack Silver and Bob Liddle to form The Scottish Magic Studio c. 1950 (this was before Jack Silver created his company Silray with his daughter, Ray). Star Selection is beautifully made in solid Plexiglass and a wonderful version of this effect that is easy to do and works very smoothly.  I think it is actually easier to perform than the other versions I have tried.

I also like the routine – you appear to get an extra effect out of it by having a selection from the nine before you start choosing them from the star – this is a nice touch!  And it comes with different cards so you can use it at a repeat performance.

And it breaks down for packing, which is always a nice feature for these larger props.

Effect:  WE’VE SEEN some beautiful props … but this tops the lot! It’s a thing of beauty in Red and!! Excellent magic too!!! Black Plastic and looks a million dollars!!

The effect is tremendous. A member of audience or displayed sealed envelope is handed to in shop window a week before the show. It contains a prediction. A pack of cards is SHUFFLED BY MEMBER OF AUDIENCE. You show the “Star of Chance” . . .  a card is FREELY selected  . . .  it is mixed among some others and all sent spinning around on the “Star.”

Another spectator makes a FREE SELECTION. First spectator announces the name of his card . . . then the other . . . and finally the envelope is OPENED BY THE SPECTATOR and HE reads out prediction. THEY ARE ALL THE SAME! A wonderfully clean-cut effect that YOU can do RIGHT AWAY . . . NO SLEIGHT OF HAND.

If you ever have to on another occasion … you can do a show to the same audience be sure of one thing … it is not the same card!

I use this grand effect in my own show. Comes to you complete with cards, star stand and houlette, … all made in Plastic. Showy and tasteful apparatus that breaks down flat for packing


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