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Supreme Prediction Chest by Magic Wagon, GEM Magic

(c. 1973,2022)
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This is Magic Wagon’s version of John Pomeroy’s 50/50 Prediction Chest that John first discussed in his 1973 book Mentology.  It was first released by John Pomeroy’s GEM Magic c. 1983.  All rights of the GEM Magic line were purchased by George Robinson of Viking Mfg. c. 1999 and in fact George was planning on releasing a version this year, even before I told him about the Magic Wagon release.  Production has been delayed but hopefully George’s  official version will be available in 2023.  The original GEM Magic box was larger and more ornate than the Magic Wagon re-release and I’ve included a couple of photos of the original as the last two photos in the photo gallery.

Thanks to discussions about this box with George Robinson I can also describe that John Pomeroy had the idea for this effect from an old item featured in Professor Hoffmann’s Modern Magic called The Card and Bird Box.

Magic Wagon say they were inspired by Pomeroy’s original idea, but it is not clear that they have added anything new, so “inspired” is generous. However, their box works very well and what is new and not mentioned in the original GEM instructions is Madison’s idea to use the box as a billet switch box.  This is a really great idea and as Madison says – “the Best routine” for this clever box.

This is my favorite effect from Magic Wagon so far this year and this was very much aided by Madison’s wonderful presentation – Go Team Madison 🙂

Effect: An elegant wooden chest along with a deck of cards and a $100.00 bill are shown. The performer states that there is a written prediction inside the chest and that he will never touch or go near it. He also states that the spectator will make a random selection and if he does not select the card that matches the prediction in the chest, he may keep the $100.00 bill. The performer also confirms that he will not touch the deck of cards whatsoever and the spectator has fifty-one chances to win and only one chance to lose. The spectator is now asked to deal the cards into a single face-down pile on the table and he should stop dealing whenever he wants. Once done, the spectator is asked to deal the pile on the table back and forth into two piles and turn the top card of each pile face up. Despite the fairness of the procedure, the spectator is told to choose either card and eliminate the other one. Once the spectator is happy with his decision, the performer emphasis that he can change his mind if he wishes but if then choose the wrong card, it could cost him $100.00. Let’s say, he finally arrives at the Seven of Diamonds. He himself now opens the chest, while the performer is nowhere near it. Inside he sees a fold piece of paper and absolutely nothing else. He himself removes the prediction and shows it to be the Seven of Diamonds!

Many versions of the Prediction Chest effect have been on the market over the years, but to the best of our knowledge, Supreme Prediction Chest is the first and only version that has all of the following features:

  1. The performer never touches the chest, or even goes near it from the beginning to the end of the performance!
  2. The spectator himself opens the chest and removes the prediction!
  3. It is an entirely one-man prediction system; no assistants on or off stage are necessary in any way!
  4. The chest is completely self-contained!
  5. The method is mechanically ingenious; no electronics and no pre-show!

Supreme Prediction Chest has been inspired by one of the highly sought-after prediction chest effects called 50/50 Prediction Chest by John Pomeroy which was intended for predicting the winner of the next sporting event such as baseball, football, tennis, or boxing match; however, it can also be greatly enhanced to seem utterly impossible and utterly impressive and much more than a 50/50 choice.

The effects that can be created with Supreme Prediction Chest are limited only by one’s imagination and the routine above is just the tip of the iceberg. Plus, the fact that the spectator himself does all the work makes this seems all the more remarkable!

The engineering behind this is cleverly designed and the “hands off” aspect of this prediction chest has been in research and development for almost two years which bears an unconventional mix of custom manufacturing components. The method is, unquestionably, one of the most unique and best kept secrets in magic.

The chest measures approximately 12cms wide x 8.5cms high x 8.5cms deep and has been completely handcrafted from natural aged teak wood with a lightly distressed oil finish. Each chest is absolutely striking in appearance as it’s also featured with the beautiful 18K gold plated fitted hardware.

Our special thanks to Mr. Tony Curtis for the effect name recommendation and also Mr. Madison Hagler for suggesting the routine ideas.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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