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Switch Board by Martin Andersen, IDEAA Lab

(c. 2020)
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This is easily the most advanced switch board available in terms of production, quality, extensibility, and function.  There is no doubt that Martin Andersen and the IDEAA Lab have done an amazing job and put their heart and soul into this project.

All the reviews I have seen about this rave about it and it really does deliver and then some.  It is a great product and would look right at home with products released by Apple.

However, as a collector and performer I can’t help wishing for something a little simpler like the original Illumin-Ace by Paul Bernhardt or Wellington’s beautiful Mini Magic Switchboard, or even the more recent Chips by Paul Picha.  The real problem when you create an effect that is clearly a modern electronic item is that most spectators have already seen lots of amazing and magical things with iPhones and Smart devices of all kinds, so the bar is set really high when it comes to creating real magic.  It doesn’t mean it can’t entertain, for sure it can, but to really convince the spectators you are performing magic (or at least doing something more than anyone else could with the same device) just takes a little more effort.

Effect: After almost 5 years of R&D and tons of work today we unveil our new project: Switch Board

This “gadget” has been a fetish toy for many magicians and has become a collector’s item . Quite a few different versions have existed, but their appearance and presentation often relegate them to an electronic curiosity or puzzle of ingenuity. It is seldom truly magical. At IDEAA Lab we set two goals: reduce the electronics until it almost disappears yet still provide powerful magic .

The Classic Effect:
The “magic switch box” or “magic switch board” is an effect created decades ago, with several switches of different colors and as many light bulbs of the same colors. The wiring is in plain sight, it’s obvious which switch turns on which bulb.

The amazing thing begins when the colors of the bulbs are mixed, but still each switch turns on the bulb of its corresponding color, even though the electrical connections do not match. The classic versions only allowed the basic effect: mix the colors of the bulbs and keep them working with their corresponding color switches.

New versions have emerged, which allow for some different effects, but always perform the same routine. For some that routine may be a bit long, for others it falls short or does not fit. Nor can it be repeated before the same audience, since the same effects occur and in the same order.

The main disadvantage is that the public often has the feeling that there is something hidden that controls the operation, and most of the versions have parts that are not visible or suspicious. That is why many times it seems more like a curiosity, or a puzzle and rarely does it seem magical.

It is not a new effect and there are already several versions on the market. So – what’s so special about the Switch Board?

Aesthetics & Style:
Don’t under estimate them.  This is one of the strongest features of this upgraded version. They’ve made it the smallest possible (which was a real magic trick in and of itself).  Can you imagine an electronic circuit only 1.6mm thick.  Soldered to the circuit there are 4 switches, 4 bulb holders and a battery holder. There is no room to hide anything!  No load chambers here…. 

Incredible Jaw Dropping Mesmerizing Powerful Magic:

  • We created incredibly potent routines that provides magical finale’s that will leave your audience stunned.
  • It features 2 easy-to-perform pre-recorded routines – yet “this is important” you have the power and the possibility of creating 3 more routines to your liking.
  • This allows you to have 5 routines in the same circuit, being able to use the one you want at any time. You can re-show the Switch Board to the same viewers with a different routine.
  • It offers 7 different effects that you can choose from to configure your own routines.
  • Our bulbs are LED (low consumption longer useful life), large and with a light diffuser. This allows the light to be seen perfectly from any angle.
  • The program that controls the entire operation of the Switch Board is open source . That means that you can modify it to your liking and reprogram your circuit to change its operation if you know how and feel like it.

Routines and Effects:

  • The circuit allows you to have 5 different routines. Two of them are programmed, one is basic, and the other is intermediate. So you can use it as you receive it without any complications.
  • In total you can do 5 routines with your Switch Board . You can choose which routine to do at any given time. The reset is instantaneous and you choose the routine in front of the spectators without any suspicion, so you can show a different routine in front of the same audience.
  • To compose the routines we have 7 possible effects. The effects are different from each other and allow you to create the routine progressively in strength and complexity.

Create Routines:
With just a few sequences of switching the switches on and off, you can create a new routine, choose what effects you want to do, in what order, if you want to repeat them, etc. There is a step-by-step video that explains this and it is very simple. If you get tired you can change them as many times as you want.

And the magic?

  • In addition to the magic and effects of the Switch Board itself , we have opted to go one step further, we wanted the effect to have an unforgettable magic finale.
  • Regardless of the routines or presentations you decided to perform, you will be able to end with a finale so mind numbing and unmistakable it will slay even the most skeptical skeptic! Bring the the shovel because you will be moping up your spectators off the floor as they melt from stimulus overload as Switch Board fries their circuits (pun intended!).

The viewer touches and chooses:

  • All the choices that can be made with the Switch Board are free. When you have to change a color, mix the bulbs, choose a position … the viewer always chooses freely.
  • Before, during and after, the Switch Board can be in the hands of the spectator . It is completely examinable, they can look and touch to their hearts content. There is nothing to figure out.  Invite them to flip the switches and reposition the bulbs, but the circuit will only do the magic when the magician commands it.

If you have good control of your audience, you can let them do everything. If you don’t feel safe, you can have the circuit in your hands and perform the effects, allowing them to check the circuit several times during these stages. The poignant issue here is you offer complete freedom and transparency at all times.

Tested and Improved Product:
FACT: Did you know that the Switch Board was tested and approved by independent beta testers around the world?

9 magicians from 5 countries with experience in different fields (engineers, teachers, manufacturers, amateur and professional magicians …) have tested Switch Board for a month and provided feedback that went into the formation of this final product. This outside networking both in the art of magic and industrial allows Stevens Magic to say that Switch Board is not just a superior product – it is the state of the art of which NOTHING COME CLOSE!  Each unit comes with a “quick start guide,” featuring simplified routines to get you off and running , made a more robust product, increased the magic power, included a carry bag … Many of your opinions have served to file the corners and polish the rough edges. We have been left with a round product of which we are very proud, but also very grateful, since without their help it would not have been the same .

The instructions can be found online on our website, they consist of videos and text (in Spanish and English) that cover all aspects of the product. In addition to the product instructions, we include several presentation ideas for you to choose the one that best suits your style.   Revised and Updated Ad Copy by Mark Stevens.

“This is very advance piece of equipment and will take a few hours working with it to fully understand how it works. The maker goes over everything you could possibly need to know in the instructions, you must be patient while learning the workings of the effect but it will definitely be worth the time! – Jiro”

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions, Online Instructions.)

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