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Tablet of Knowledge (1 of 24) by Damir Djanis

(c. 2022)
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This is the second in a line of unique collectibles manufactured by Damir Djanis of Croatia. Damir has definitely upped the ante with this release and is really demonstrating his wood crafting talents.

The props looks wonderful and they can be minutely examined – there is nothing to find.  The method works very well and with just one read of the instructions you’ll quickly get the hang of things.  The instructions and routine, written by George Robinson Jr., include an interesting story-based routine which you might enjoy.

Notice: This does not work the same way as Magic Wagon’s Magic Gemstone and Hieroglyphic Spells  – you can clearly show the tablet fully flush in the bottom of the box and even have the spectator close the lid if you desire.

History Notice: The creative genius who began the modern Mummy craze in Micro Magic, Karl Edler,  created an effect called “The Tablet of Knowledge” (Die Täfelchen der Erkenntnis) c. 1941 but Karl’s effect was a mentalism effect with 10 numbered tiles and bears no resemblance to Damir’s penetration effect described on this page, just in case you history buffs were wondering.

As with Damir’s previous release these are made in a limited edition of 24 units so there is no doubt these will become more collectible over time.  My advice to you is go get one now 🙂

Effect: The Tablet of Knowledge is a unique penetration of three brass spikes through a wooden plaque. A wonderful mystical story makes this effect a magical wonder which allows the spectators to witness what can only be called an impossible penetration.

A solid wooden tablet engraved with ancient mystical writing is shown along with a beautifully handcrafted chest and three brass spikes.

The tablet is placed within the chest and a spectator is allowed to try his hand at penetrating the tablet. Sadly, he fails and a second spectator is invited to try his luck, again to no avail.

The performer now follows a ritual designed to allow the passage of the spikes, but only if the ritual is followed according to ancient dictates. Quickly, one spike is pushed through the chest, exiting the bottom of the chest and penetrating the tablet. This is followed by a second and third spike. The chest is shown all around. The ritual is complete and a success. The spikes are removed, and everything can be examined.

You are supplied with all the props necessary to perform along with a Certificate of Authenticity and detailed instructions.

Routine: Our story begins: The wizards of Bard sought hidden knowledge, the Knowledge of the Ages, but that knowledge was not easily obtained. They would have to pass a test with only one chance to succeed. Failure meant excruciating pain followed by death.

The test seemed simple, but nothing is as it may seem. The object of the test was for each wizard to pass a golden spike through the Tablet of Doors. (Hand the chest to one spectator to examine, tablet to another). There were certain rules to be followed.

  • First, the Tablet must lay flat at the base of a small chest. (Retrieve the chest and tablet and insert the tablet).
  • Second, the chest must remain upright during the test.
  • And third, the golden spikes must be inserted in a certain order, that order of course would remain secret. It was up to the wizards to discover the secret order.”(Motion toward the spikes, handing one to one of the spectators).

“Please try your luck, sir. Take this golden spike and attempt to pass it through the Tablet of Knowledge. Do not force the spike, simply insert it into the chest and slowly push until it exits out the bottom of the chest, thus piercing the Tablet.” (Hold the chest so that the spectator may attempt to pass the spike through the tablet).

“I am so sorry, but you have failed. Had you been a wizard, your fate would have been sealed and death would be your reward.”

“You sir, would you like to test fate? … Oh, I am sorry, but you too will have faced the same fate as our friend here … Death!” (Repeat as above).

“The wizards studied the spikes and noticed that each one was engraved with a sigil (an inscribed or painted symbol considered to have magical power) . There had to be a clue here. The sigils must be lined up in a certain order. But, as the legend states, they had but one chance to succeed.” (Study the spikes, then refer to the Wizards alphabet sheet. Point out that you have discovered a word that you feel fits the situation).

“I believe I have it … the secret combination.” (Arrange the spikes in a row on your close-up pad or working surface in the order that follows)

“Knowing the creators of the Knowledge of the Ages, the wizards studied the sigils and decided that the creators had a streak of whimsy, and they settled on a three-letter word. It was the only word that made sense to them. The wizards placed the spikes in order spelling the word ‘HEX’, then slowly pushed them down until they pierced the Tablet of Doors. The ritual was over. They had eluded the pain and agony of death, and more importantly, gained the Knowledge of the Ages which made them the most powerful wizards in the realm of Bard.”

Please note: The chest is intricately gimmicked, but it is impossible to detect. No amount of examination will reveal the secret to this marvelous creation. The methods used by Damir are new and unique which make Damir’s Limited Edition Creations wonderful examples of craftsmanship and originality. When you consider that people are charging much more for 3D printed items, this is a bargain. I guarantee you will enjoy the quality and workmanship of all Damir creations … George Robinson Jr.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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