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Teach A Card Trick by Wayne Dobson, Colin Rose

(c. 2001)
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This is a great example of how a well crafted routine can remove almost any sort of  sleights or tricky moves.  Wayne Dobson has created a very clean  and entertaining routine here. The basic effect was inspired by American Magician Karrell Fox’s routine “Magical Assets” in his book Clever Like A Fox.

The card box looks similar to some other card boxes, but there are some key differences:

  1. The flap falls from the bottom, not the top.  This means it can be opened cleanly with the deck of cards in the box and the box can be handled very freely.
  2. It holds a full Poker deck  inside its case – many card boxes don’t – which seems strange for something called a card box.
  3. The lid opens completely flat – this doesn’t seem like a big deal but the number of times I’ve had card boxes that wobble from side to side because the lid does not fully open is amazing.

The set-up is very simple and Wayne’s routines relies on subtleties rather than moves making it possible to focus almost completely on the routine itself.

Effect: What you have just purchased is an effect which has served me extremely well over the last ten years, I have used it in TV, Cabaret & my Stage and Theater Shows … but it registers strongest in my Corporate work when I used the M.D. or someone that everybody knows.

What is absolutely certain, is ten minutes of solid entertainment. Originally, I used to have the spectator’s card appear underneath him,be would be sitting on if! However this caused problems,because I had to depend upon someone secretly loading the card under the spectator it was such a great effect and I desperately wanted to make it completely self contained. I thought of using a Card Box but it had to be a very special one, so I set the task with Colin Rose and after many attempts he finally came up with the Card Box that you now have in your possession.

Now this may seem like any ordinary Card Box it has been beautifully made by Colin, in Mahogany with a hard wood veneer finish but there are some surprises firstly, it takes a full deck of cards,secondly it is completely self working and easy to use, and finally, with the ingenious use of magnets, and the quality of craftsmanship in the making, this is a ‘magical prop’ that you can pass to the spectator with complete CONFIDENCE!!!!

Wayne Dobson

This spectacular routine comes from Wayne Dobson’s Lecture … You teach the spectator a card trick, and at the finish, neither he, nor the audience are aware of how this was accomplished!

This routine previously relied on an assistant ‘to load’ the card but now by using a very special Card Box this routine is now completely self-working and now elevated to ‘Miracle Status’ … With Wayne Dobson’s Comedy Presentation this is certain to be a winner. You can pass the box to the spectator with confidence… There is nothing to see!


  • Special Card Box
  • Red Color Cloth Carrying Bag
  • Written instructions with Wayne Dobson’s Comedy Presentation

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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