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Temple of Goo by Jack Ruda

(c. 1994)
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This is probably Jack Ruda’s finest hour. It is The Temple of Goo, a hand-crafted gem that quickly became a favorite among collectors. Jack created this in two sizes the first had just 3 choices and was know as The Temple of Goo Fong sold by Ron Allesi as a limited edition of 50 units. The second version which was the better of the two was this one with 4 choices.

This version has been altered (for the better in my opinion) from when it was originally released. It used to have a switch in the base to turn the power on and off.  Unfortunately, no attempt was made to hide the switch so you could never show the bottom of the temple.  In this unit the switch has been removed and integrated into the statue of Goo himself.   On the the base is now a lush green felt which is attached by magnets (not screws as before) so when you need to change the batteries you just need to pull the felt away from the magnets. As long as you don’t leave Goo in the temple when you are not performing this the batteries should last for months as the circuit is only completed when Goo is in the temple.

The other thing that sells this is having a prediction in the wallet lying next to the temple before they even make their selection.  The wallet I use in the video and show in the photos is the Viking Working Performer’s Card to Wallet Plus, but many wallets would work and it doesn’t have to be a gimmicked wallet.  The way I use it is no sleights or anything, but you could do that if you fancied, just doesn’t seem necessary.  This wallet works well because it has enough pockets so it looks like the prediction is the only one in the wallet.  Of course this is not the case, but using the wallet is a good convincer that you knew all along they would choose the number.  You could equally have 4 cards in 4 envelopes in your pockets, or use a Himber wallet, or double envelopes etc.  But the clean and simple wallet works for me (so I included it for you to use).  The key thing with the wallet is to have it in view before they choose, and to remove the prediction before their answer is exposed – this way you have to do no extra work, unless you want to.


Effect: When opened, a statue of the sage Goo is revealed and the tale of Goo’s ongoing flight from his enemies is told. Before he A spectator is invited to come forward and place Goo in any one of four holes, then place the temple cover over it. Instantly, performer announces which hole Goo has been placed in!

Patter: This Is an exact replica of the TEMPLE of GOO. You may ask, “who was GOO?” Well, GOO was the first recognized mentalist, some 5,000 years ago. This strange China man, or GOO FEE as was his full name (not unlike some strange people today) could read any one’s mind. It was a gift that he had developed through the years.

He felt that this gift should be passed on so he befriended a local peasant named BAH LING, also Chinese, who spoke many dialects and spoke them well (not unlike the word in today’s language for a person who speaks many languages BAH LING WELL).

As time went on GOO became fearful for his life, as his enemy’s would like to destroy him due to his powers over them. As a religious man, he knew that the only place he was most vulnerable, was when he would pray, because people would always know where he was. So he had this special temple designed and built for him. A place where he could be in anyone of four areas and no one would know for sure.  No one except for his friend BAH.

Well, one day GOO went to his temple to pray and BAH was captured by GOO’s enemies. BAH suffering great torture, finally gave up and disclosed where GOO was. Now you don’t have to torture me, but through BAH, I too have learned the secrets of mentalism.

GOO is located in the section numbered …. 2

Once again, BAH FOUND GOO!

A dazzling effect! Resets instantly! A beautifully hand-crafted, electronic prop made of exotic hardwood.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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