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Temple of Goo Two (Only 3 Made) by Jack Ruda

(c. 1994,1999)
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This is Jack Ruda’s finest hour 🙂

The smaller version was called The Temple of Goo, a hand-crafted gem that quickly became a favorite among collectors. Jack created three versions in the smaller size: the first had just 3 places in the cabinet to place Goo and was know as The Temple of Goo Fong sold by Ron Allesi as a limited edition of 50 units. The second version which was the better of the two was slightly larger with 4 choices.  The third was the same size but used a remote control unit to turn the device on and off. 

The version on this page is the much rarer and much larger Temple of Goo Two. This is a stage size version with 4 choices and a separate base and completely different electronics. 

Only three of these were made and they were custom made with a wait time of at least six weeks. This is the only one I have actually seen.  It is a big and bold item and unlike the smaller versions there are no external switches to turn on and off (or separate remotes) and the device to let you know where Goo has been placed is not part of the main Temple at all, but cleverly concealed in the base that supports the statue of Goo at the beginning.  The pedestal and the Temple can be at least 30 feet apart (that was as far as I tested it) so you have a lot of freedom with the revelation.


  • Temple of Goo Two
  • Figure of Goo (the first Chinese Mentalist).
  • The base and pedestal that secretly reports the location of where Goo is placed.

(Notice: a couple of the fingers of Goo have broken off.  I didn’t even notice this until the seller pointed it out.  You have to look very closely to spot it.  It does not impact the performance in any way, and it is unlikely anyone will ever notice it.)

Effect: The first recognized Chinese mentalist was GOO FEE who had a special temple made for him so that his enemies could not know where he might be praying. Since he was the first to develop mentalism, he was a danger to his enemies because he knew what they were going to do even before they did. However, GOO’s friend BAH was captured and tortured to tell which of 4 chambers GOO was praying. So ended GOO.

The figure of GOO is placed in the temple in any one of four positions.  The top of the temple is placed on the base and even though the magi has been out of the room or twenty feet away, the magi can tell which position Goo is in.

This hand crafted apparatus, made of exotic hard woods, measures approximately 15″ wide, 5″ deep and 12″ high. Pedestal measures approximately 4″ square by 3″ high and the GOO idol is approximately 6″ high.

This is an electronic marvel and has already become a collector’s item.   A fully remote controlled device which transmits the information to the pedestal. Temple can be in the hands of the spectator in another room!!  Only a limited number will be manufactured. 

Patter: This Is an exact replica of the TEMPLE of GOO. You may ask, “who was GOO?” Well, GOO was the first recognized mentalist, some 5,000 years ago. This strange China man, or GOO FEE as was his full name (not unlike some strange people today) could read any one’s mind. It was a gift that he had developed through the years.

He felt that this gift should be passed on so he befriended a local peasant named BAH LING, also Chinese, who spoke many dialects and spoke them well (not unlike the word in today’s language for a person who speaks many languages BAH LING WELL).

As time went on GOO became fearful for his life, as his enemy’s would like to destroy him due to his powers over them. As a religious man, he knew that the only place he was most vulnerable, was when he would pray, because people would always know where he was. So he had this special temple designed and built for him. A place where he could be in anyone of four areas and no one would know for sure.  No one except for his friend BAH.

Well, one day GOO went to his temple to pray and BAH was captured by GOO’s enemies. BAH suffering great torture, finally gave up and disclosed where GOO was. Now you don’t have to torture me, but through BAH, I too have learned the secrets of mentalism.

GOO is located in the section numbered …. 2

Once again, BAH FOUND GOO!

A dazzling effect! Resets instantly! A beautifully hand-crafted, electronic prop made of exotic hardwood.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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