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The Anniversary Boxed Magic Set (1997-2017) by Colin Rose

(c. 2017)
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Item condition: New

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It is hard to put into words how good this wonderful collection is from the English Master Craftsman Colin Rose.  But Richard Kaufman says it best :

“I was thrilled to receive my Colin Rose 20th Anniversary Box, certainly the finest magic set made in the last century. Every piece, including the box, speaks to Colin’s amazing craftsmanship as a master woodworker.”
Richard Kaufman (8/29/2020)

Here are some of my thoughts on this stunning project.  Firstly, there is a ton of magic filling every inch of this beautiful box:

  1. Mini Ornate Flash Frame
  2. Baffle Box
  3. Block & Tube
  4. Obedient Ball
  5. Snapper
  6. Spot Paddles
  7. Money Box
  8. ‘Mystified’ Card Box
  9. Dutch Sandwich
  10. Chinese Compass
  11. GeomeTrik (GeomeTrick)
  12. Imp Bottle
  13. Ball Vase
  14. Money Machine
  15. Billet Knife
  16. Loose Change/Chop Cup Combo
  17. Coin Wand
  18. Cups & Balls
  19. Large Wand
  20. DieCeption

See the videos here.

Secondly, Colin goes through every single item showing you the effect and how to do it in a video that was specially created just for this collection.  What I enjoy most about this video is how much joy Colin gets from talking about and performing each effect.  You can clearly see that he has put a little bit of his heart & soul into this project.  You can see the performances  in the videos individually laid out on this page (I have edited out the methods of course).  My guess is that by watching the videos you will quickly be inspired to revisit some of these effects as Colin’s joy in performing them is quite infectious.

Thirdly, what an amazing selection of new and old items all crafted with such care and attention.  There is no dud in the box and for the price Colin is clearly not doing this for the money.  Even at Colin’s every day reasonable prices, there is still about $2000 worth of magic in this box.  The collection is so good I have decided to keep it for now.  If you watch my site you know how rarely I actually keep anything, but this box fits neatly on my shelf and I feel it is worth keeping around as it will be hard to part with.

Finally, what I most like about this boxed set is how it makes me feel about magic.  How can you not love magic after receiving this box, playing with the magic inside, and watching Colin’s joy and expertise in performing the items right out of the box. I still smile every time I hear Colin say: “Where does that onion keep coming from?” 🙂

It is truly a magical box created by a very talented craftsman and magician who clearly loves magic.

Effect: Time passes all too quickly and the moments we share together are always worthy of celebration… as we approach our twentieth year of making beautiful hand crafted magic we feel that such a landmark in our personal journey is worthy of something special to mark its passing… We are offering a Brand New Commission “The Anniversary Boxed Magic Sets” in celebration of twenty years of ‘Putting Fine Art into Magic’… a Limited One Time Collection of Twenty Sets, one for each of the years we are celebrating… Each Set will be named & numbered and the Certificates of Provenance will be issued with the Owners Name. The anniversary dates will appear on the Issues but in view of the body of work Colin will begin taking pre-orders now.

The Boxes will be ‘jointed’ hardwood with complimentary divisions to separate & display the contents with baize inlay and feature handcrafted wooden hinges ,Clasps & livery * see example photos below. The outside of the box will be stamped with an inlaid polished brass Five of Hearts Logo & ‘Magic’ Name Plate.

The Magic will be a carefully chosen selection of 20 signature pieces drawn from our Collection and include both Classic & contemporary effects & apparatus, using a complimentary mixture of English hardwoods & exotics with a value of £1500.00.  As part of this amazing collectable you also receive a DVD with Colin as the maker demonstrating each of the tricks inside the box.

Our journey began in 1997 and over the years Colin’s reputation as a maker of fine magic has been firmly established around the world, a vast body of work which has been used in magic performance and held in private collections worldwide…this new Limited Edition celebrates not only the past twenty years of his extraordinary work but ensures that his magic continues in these beautiful boxed sets for you to treasure,use and enjoy.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions, DVD (or similar) Instructions.)

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