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The Bountiful Bowl by Owen Magic Supreme

(c. 1973)
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This beautiful item was created by Owen’s c. 1973 as a limited edition. It is a truly beautiful prop and an amazing production item. In essence this is a oversize version of the classic Bran Vase first described by Ponsin c. 1853 and later described in Professor Hoffmann  c. 1876 (The Bran and Orange Trick). The effect was improved by Paul Fox c. 1930 as the Paul Fox Candy Bowl.

The challenge for me was not only finding some suitable confetti and a sensible load but also finding a container that I could reach into to add the confetti. Due to the size of the bowl you need a fairly large container to hide the action.  I settled on a 12″ x 12″ x 12″ black gift bag which packs flat when not being used and provides plenty of room to load the confetti and doesn’t look out of place in your act.

I have included instructions for a Bran Vase routine from Tarbell and Thayer but now that I have gone to the trouble of getting the necessary equipment it is easy to piece together from my Speed Demo.

You’ll probably never perform this but it will look amazing in your magic collection 🙂

Effect: This spun brass bowl is one of the most beautiful pieces of magical equipment ever produced. It could be a fine centerpiece for the table of the most fastidious home. The magician fills the empty bowl from a box of confetti and upon removing the lid reveals a mound of fresh fruit or candy for the audience, or three snow white doves. Limited edition only.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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