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The Butterfly Box by Okito-Williams

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Here we have another beautifully made item from Carl Williams and the latest addition to my collection in the Okito-Williams series of effects.  Carl has meticulously recreated this beauty from the original prop made by Okito c. 1933 all the way down to the transfers used on the original boxes.

Okito added the box and the automatic wind-up mechanism (which Carl faithfully follows) and it makes performing this effect about as easy as it could be.  The butterfly looks amazingly realistic with not much practice at all. The key thing with this effect is timing – my video went on a little long, but I am still happy with it. Hope you like it too 🙂

This outfit is in excellent condition complete as issued including:

  • The Butterfly Box threaded and ready to work out of the box.
  • Perfectly working and quiet clockwork motor.
  • Beautiful Fan.
  • Lots of spare tissue, extra butterflies and thread
  • Full and detailed history and instructions with useful diagrams.
  • Only 30 of these were produced.

Effect: A Box is freely shown to the audience after which its top is removed. Several pieces of tissue paper are taken from the Box and shown to the audience. The Box is then placed upon the table and the pieces of tissue are torn into many smaller pieces which, subsequently, are placed on the palm of the left hand.

An oriental folding fan is opened by the right hand, and the magician vigorously fans the pieces from his palm. As the pieces flutter into one air, one of them magically appears to change into a Butterfly which continues to fly around the mouth of the open Box.

As the Butterfly dances about it slowly descends until at last it flies into the Box. The magician places the lid on the Box and takes his well deserved bow.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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