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The Candle That Was by Owen Magic Supreme, Charles Waller

(c. 1920,1921,1990)
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This beautiful effect was invented by Charles Waller from Australia in his book Up His Sleeve c. 1920 published by F.G. Thayer.  Shortly after the book was printed Thayer created his first elegant version of The Candle That Was c. 1921.    It was subsequently manufactured both by Owen Brothers and Owen Magic Supreme.  Sherms also created their own unlicensed version c. 1930.  The Candle That Was is discussed in book five of Dr. Albo’s unmatched series of Classic Magic.

This is the Owen Magic Supreme version c. 1990  using their beautiful red, black and gold color scheme which I prefer to the earlier Thayer version in gold and green (a photo appears at the end with the Thayer colors).

When it comes to taking photos (and certainly doing Speed Demos) nothing is more scary than taking such a beautiful (and expensive) prop and setting fire to it!  This prop is spectacular and Owen’s did an amazing job with it, and if performed correctly you have a really impressive vanish, especially if you light the candle 🙂

(Includes: Candle, handkerchief, and spare “wicks” for lighting.  Use your own lighter.)

Effect: In this effect a candlestick with an unlighted candle is placed on a table. A hanky with a hole in the center is draped over the candle allowing the wick to protrude through the hole. Performer lights the candle and seizing it between their thumb and finger they carry it forward still draped in the napkin. With the flame still burning, the performer gives a quick flick to the hanky and the candle has vanished.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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