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The Elements Prediction Box by Retro Rocketeers, Anthony Yap

(c. 2020)
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Here is a compact and well conceived version of T.A. Waters’ Box Office from Anthony Yap’s company: Retro Rocketeers.  A company that specializes in some beautiful 3-D Printed magical items.  One of the things that sets Anthony’s work apart is that the 3D printing phase is just the initial phase of creation and then he goes on to hand finish and paint the items to give them that extra punch and uniqueness.  You can see some of his unique creations on his website here.

This little beauty works perfectly and Anthony provides a thorough and clear video of how to perform the effect and how to set it up.  This version of Box Office has the ability to place any one of the four predictions face down inside the box before you begin and then when the spectator makes their choice the prediction is tipped out to match.  With the exception of the Magic Wagon this feature is missing from many other versions of the effect, and does add that extra convincer.

Overall a wonderful version and keep your eye on Retro Rocketeers as they have a growing and interesting selection of items.

Effect: “The Elements” is a beautiful prediction box effect that could be used with many different story lines. The circular box featuring mystical Celtic designs includes a drawer which hold inside four tablets with each representing one of the four elements (water, fire, air and earth). You show each of the elemental tablets to the spectator before staring into their eyes to concentrate, after which you choose one of the tablets as a prediction and place it into the empty drawer of the box and close the drawer. Nobody knows what stone is inside the drawer. It is a mystery too all.

Then you take the top lid off the box to show four larger totems again representing each of the four elements. You now ask the spectator to take one of these elements from the box at random (this is 100% a free choice) and place the lid back on it (although this does not have to be done). This process can be done while you are watching or with your back turned to the spectators, fully up to you.

After the spectator has chosen his stone (for example AIR) you can now open the drawer to show the tablet (prediction) you placed in it beforehand. As you take out the tablet and turn it over to reveal to the spectator all can clearly see your prediction (AIR) matches perfectly with their chosen element!

The trick is completely self-contained, the prediction always matches the chosen element. The outcome can be different every time and there is a completely free choice. After you have placed the prediction in the drawer, you do not have to touch the box anymore.

Each box is completely hand-painted to give the appearance of a valuable and mysterious old-looking box.

The box measures approx. 10 cm in diameter and is 6.5 cm high.

Video Tutorial Link Included: A link and password to a 20min video tutorial is included along with your items. This video features the creator Anthony Yap walking you through the explanation, routine, setup and some helpful tips on learning this effect.

Material: Eco Friendly PLA Bio-Plastic

(Notice: Includes: Online Instructions.)

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