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The Enigma of Ankh by N8 Quality Magic

(c. 2021)
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Here we have another beautiful and collectible item from Ottavio Belli’s N8 Quality Magic.  The effect uses the same basic method created by Al Baker and Nate Liepzig c. 1934 with the introduction of the Al ‘N’ Nate Coin Box.

However, the effect that Ottavio creates has come along way from the original idea which has been used in probably 100’s of effects since, and unlike most of the different versions this multi-phase routine has enough going on that even magician’s familiar with the basic method could easily be fooled.

The props looks amazing and this is one way modern craftsmen can create incredible magic collections by finding their lane and creating a suite of amazing looking and effective  items, that have a distinctive look and each item adds some tweaks and improvements on the originals to keep them interesting and desirable by collectors.

This looks great and is easy to learn and perform.

Great job Ottavio 🙂

Effect: this is a multi-phase routine involving two Egyptian Ankhs, a coin and coin case, an ancient tablet and a raised performance area.  The basic routine is:

  1. The props are cleanly shown and a coin is removed from the coin case and covered by the two Ankhs and tablet.
  2. The coin vanishes from under the Ankhs and tablet.
  3. The coin appears back inside the coin case where it is removed from.
  4. The Ankhs are shown empty again and the coin is dropped through them only to be picked up and placed back in the coin case.
  5. The coin vanishes from the coin case.
  6. And reappears beneath the Ankhs.
  7. And in a nice touch the coin is slid out from underneath the bottom Ankh which is not even possible with the normal method.

Lots going on to enjoy with no sleight of hand and smoothly choreographed moves throughout the whole routine as is clearly seen in the video.

(Notice: Includes: Online Instructions.)

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