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The Haenchen Production Box (Table-Top) by Haenchen

(c. 1935)
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(Notice: Includes all silks shown in the video.)

This is a sophisticated and impressive production box that is similar to a Square Circle but has a better sequence of displays to convince the audience it is empty. Solidly made and a real treat for collectors since items from Fred Haenchen are harder to come by these days and they are in high demand due to their unique ideas and quality craftsmanship.

This production box was created in four different sizes.  The smallest version without a stand is shown here.  Then this version is the Table-Top  version with it’s own stand.  Then there was  Haenchen’s Mammoth Production Box that was free standing on its own stand, and the final size was Haenchen’s Illusion Production Box which was big enough to produce a girl. You can read more about this box in Volume 6 of Dr. Albo.

This Table-Top version is easier to use than the smaller version as the flaps are controlled by one external ring.  The load is slightly bigger too.  This is a very convincing production item and works great with David Ginn’s Color Explosion Blendo so I include one in the box as a starter production item 🙂

Effect: Positively one of the hits of the Convention. Proclaimed by many to be the best new item shown. Recommended by Ted Heuber, Chas. Silva, Joe Berg, and many others. The effect may be worked with the audience all around and within 3 or 4 feet of the performer.

The Box measures 5 1/2″ inches each way and stands on a neat pedestal 6 inches high. It is self-contained, no loading being necessary. The hinged sides of the box are let down to reveal an inner box, which is removed, and every inch of the outer box is shown from every side and angle. Then the inner box is shown just as thoroughly inside and out. The sides of the inner box are of sheet metal of no appreciable thickness. The fronts of both boxes are wire mesh which may been seen thru at all times. After replacing the inner box, the production begins.

The capacity is from 25 to 30 eighteen inch silks, which come from the very center of the box. At any time during the production the box may be taken apart and shown as before. Well made and beautifully finished.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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